(I’m not French. I just learnt French for about two years.)

I might have already lost you by that title, but if you are still reading on, then kudos, sister. Or brother. Hey hey, I’m just spreading love. Spreading love, people.

It’s going to take a while for me to really get to my point but in all honesty, Imma get there. Maybe not as quick but I’ll be getting there. What’s a post without some randomness.

Now, judging by the title and if you’re really meaning to read this, then you must wonder what I have in mind. To be honest, I don’t think I have it figured out myself. Well, we’ll see.

The reason why I took up this affair is because I strongly feel for it. This is not something I’m trying to trash about but it’s something that I’m trying to express views on. Views that might not particularly please everyone. But, hater’s gonna hate, right? Right.


1) Makeup is gold.

-To whoever thinks that makeup is stupid, you do you and I’ll do me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the fact that I slap on three different types of foundations, line my eyes 34 times and swatch 7 lipstick colors on the back of my hand to get that perfect mauve. What really matters is how comfortable I am. I’ve been trashed about not feeling beautiful in my own skin which according to people is ‘to die for’. And I’m not just bragging about it (totally am- my skin’s like pumice) but this is the real deal. I’ve got aunties coming up to me and asking what I do to keep my skin spot free. (This is true tho. I promise.) Now my skin has a fair share of spots on it and unwanted discolouring but I think I’m good for the next, say, three years. (I swear I’m going to wake up with a pimple tomorrow. I might have just jinxed it.)

So I do need makeup and YOU DO need to shut up about my craze to wear wakeup. I wanna look like Amy Winehouse, I’ll look like Amy Winehouse (No hate. No disrespect but that liner game, mmh). I wanna look like Heidi Klum on Halloween 2k15, guess who’s going to look like her? Me. So cut us girls wearing makeup some slack.

2) Stop rubbing it in our faces that we got makeup on.

– With all due respect, shut up. Don’t tell me I can’t eat a banana because I have a red lip on. (To all my fellow filths who pictured the graphics, hola) If I want to eat something, don’t ask me if ‘I’m not scared to ruin my makeup’.
Hallo? Food first.

Oooooor, if I wanna do something don’t try to stop me thinking that I can’t handle it JUST because I wear makeup. It doesn’t work that way, boi.

3) Highlight.

-To everyone who has been trashing makeup gurus on their highlighting craze, let’s be real here for a minute, highlight is life okay? It’s life. A dead sooted look that is supposedly called matte doesn’t work for everyone. If they want to be all about that shimmer, shimmer away butterfly. Want to blind everyone with that highlight? DO YOU!

4) Brow game.

-My brow game so strong, its hitting its 484858th touchdown. That’s how on fleek my brow game is. That’s how lit it is. That’s how legit my brow hair is. Mm hmm. (I have a lot more of those but I’ll stop for now cause I might have just lost a couple more readers. But hey, again, hater’s gonna hate. Missing out on gold here, people. Solid.

5) Red lip.

-Now who said it wasn’t right to walk out with a red lip because of the attention it would get? NO ONE! So do YOU! You wanna wear the brightest red that humans have ever seen, wear it, girl/guy/I’m not trying to be disrespectful. If you want to gloss it up, gloss it up you may. If you wanna matte that shiz, do your thing. Just get that whole red lip classic thing that ‘he’ likes on point (And if you didn’t sing that line in your head, what are you doing with your life? Where have you been?)

So there! Those were the things that I thought and I still think are ridiculous instancea in life that I might have come across or heard about people talking about it and I had an opinion on it that I wanted to share. If it was in any way disrespectful, I’m sorry. It was purely unintentional (Except for a certain thing but we don’t have to figure that out now)

Until our time meets,


(I’m not French. I just learnt French for two years)

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