Heyloooo! It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote. I am soowwwiiiieee (AH GOD! Please remind me never to say that in public. It’s cute tho)

So, I’m writing my final college exam in another week and a half and sat thinking about how fast everything went by (the two years went by hella fast for me) and as one thing led to another, I thought back to my high school days and sat wondering how at the same time two years ago I sat thinking about high school and how fast that ended too. So, I figured why not write about these two experiences I was blessed enough to have.  Even though college is as fresh as Rihanna’s new album, I thought I’d start with high school. No harm in reminiscing a little. Leggo.

Let’s get started.

  1. Friends.

If this was not already obvious, then you must have had a rough high school. Im sorry. Deep prayers for you. But, if you’re one of those people that had a lot of friends to keep company and to play around with then I’m guessing high school must have been a breeze. Because let’s be real here, if you didn’t have friends, you wouldn’t have survived high school. You didn’t have an identity. You didn’t have ish, bro. You were a no one. Sowie it’s the truth. (I can’t stop with the sowie.)

2. Random toilet breaks.

Even though your bladder was empty and had a desert situation going on there, you’d just have to go to the toilet when your friend side eyed you and got up to leave to the toilet. Because there will never be a better place to discuss about how boring the class was or how good your crush looks or how bad ‘her’ hair was two weeks before. It’s like the toilet was loyal to everyone in there and kept all of our dirty little dark secrets with it. It was a place of sanity. (Ours was also a place of no sanitary sometimes but it was our place. OUR PLACE)

3. Lunch breaks.

Even if you had the worst lunch packed for the day, you’d still wait for the lunch break. And why? Because you were just like every other normal teenager. These were the times that you were PERMITTED to be stupid and laugh like a seal and make whale noises and jump desks and spit water while laughing and untie someone else’s hair and get into fights and wash your hands in someone else’s place and make tiny dirty water puddles in class and eat everyone else’s food besides yours (only if yours sucked) and do all of these all at the same time. Because high school, people. (Side note: I didn’t forget the routine walk to the washroom with your girls/guys. We know we all did that. Pfft)

4. Peer evaluation.

I think there is nothing more stupider than this. Nevertheless, I loved whenever this happened. Except for those times when my paper got into the wrong hands. Now honestly, there were girls in my class that hated the best of us (JK……….Not I’m not). So, if my paper got to that one person that hated my guts, I was done for. I’d get a zero no matter how good my answers were on the French Revolution and WHY? you ask;  because of the one time that I made fun of her skirt being too high it was almost a choker. But, if my friends evaluated it, I’d be getting a 97 even if I wrote a female walrus was called a seal. (I was a real brainy kid in school. Evidently.) So yeah, again it was all about friends.

5. Physical training period.

Now if you’re not physically active and hate running half a court just to collect a ball that was going to be thrown at you anyway, then this must have been the worst period next after social studies maybe. But for those of us who loved getting all sweaty (and depended on these periods to contribute to the weight loss regimen that you were undergoing) then these were the best. Not only could you play and be bomb at the game but you could also put down others who couldn’t play as well as you did and randomly throw something and apologize for being clumsy because HEY it’s sports, you can never judge where the ball rolls (such brats that we were). Also it was partly about showing off to the boys how well you could handle the balls. (If you didn’t narrow your eyes and sly smile at this, you must’ve been a good kid in high school then.)


So these were some of the things that I miss about highschool. There are so many more things but they continued well into college as well so once I’m done with college, you better look out for the things that I missed about college.


Until our time meets again,




(Be spontaneous and go call one of your high school friends. Who knows? If you don’t already have a potential maid of honor/best man, you just might now ……………………………………….)

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