I’ve maintained diaries/journals, if you may, for THE longest time now. (When I say longest I mean it’s my third year running which is pretty long for me, okay? Dun judge.)

Today’s motivation: The wimpy kid.(If you don’t know about it please Google it, educate yourself then go cry about why you didn’t know about it before because for reals, it’s gold.) So, as soon as I saw the covers I wanted to pick one out of my collection (I’m a hoarder, in case you didn’t know) and read it but what stopped me was a notification from WordPress. And that was it. I sly smiled to myself and sat down to write.

What roped me in to the idea of keeping a journal was this little empty diary that was a pretty brown and had, what I’d like to call, ‘art’ on it. So I picked it up and on the 6th of January 2014, I began my first diary entry. (Not going to lie, I’ve tried it before but this time was the real deal.) So, if you don’t have a diary/journal, I’m hoping this might help you.


1) Writing.
For people who love to write, I CANNOT imagine anything better than having to enter your day’s experiences in a diary. (Added advantage: no one’s reading it, hopefully, so you have the liberty to add in the spicy details.) If you absolutely love writing and you don’t know where to begin channeling all the skill and not to forget the sass that you were born with, WRITE A DIARY. Spontaneously just pick up a ‘book’, give it a name and begin writing to it. (If you’re not weird like I am, then you don’t have to give it a name. Totally optional. But if you’re a little wonked in the head, NAME IT. Like Princess Consuela or something.)

2) Something you can pour your heart out to.
To give an example, Peelu (That’s my diary. I know. I’ve been told I’m a little cuckoo in the head.) knows all the times I farted in public, silently. (Because I’m smooth like that. Like the silent ninja. You will never know when the bomb’s away.) Getting back to what I wanted to say, your diary will always have your back. (In my case, my butt. Geddit? No? Okay.) Your diary is never going to judge you on your face or wont ever throw dirty looks at you.

3) Rethink and reminiscence.
Now this can be taken two ways. Let’s consider the first possibility (I have no idea why the last line sounded like a math problem. Jeez.) Rethinking all that happened during the day: if it’s been a good day, then good for you. You get to relive it all in your head one more time as you pen it down. But if it’s been a bad day ……. yeah I got nothing good to say about that. If it’s a bad day, then it’s a bad day, get over it.
The second possibility being, imagine two years down the line, you stumble across this diary and you re-read all the nonsense (if you’re not like I am then you might have real content) your two years ago self wrote. JUST IMAGINE. If you can’t then let me tell you. IT’S AMAZING. Now, that is what I would call #gold. But if you’re this miserable person who only writes about all the non phancy bits of your life, then you is naasty because you chose to focus on only the negativity. (Okay, I’ll stop sounding like a teacher now. There, I stopped.)

4)This is a very important part – CONNECTION.
For everyone who already has the habit of maintaining a journal, you know how this works. But if you are new to the whole idea of having one, then let me tell you what I mean by connection. While you’re writing to your future self or just writing because you need to say something to someone and can’t find anyone else at the moment, you develop this understanding of who you are as a person. If you choose to focus on what you’re really writing as opposed to just writing for the entertainment you’d get several years later, you’ll start noticing a pattern that leads to understanding what your thoughts are, what you’re interested in, what you were interested in, what made you think about something so deeply, what made you not care about something and so many other things. (WOW. Was that almost deep or what?)

What my point is, writing a diary is an indirect way of finding yourself. (Not that I’m saying you’re lost but if you are then you can take it that way. Whatever sails your boat, boo.)

So there. Those were the things I came up with while I sat thinking about why in the world I had to write all of the day’s happenings on paper. It gave me insight on why I started this whole journey in the first place. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Maybe I can even read it to my kids. (Mommytales: The time your mommy threw up on the cutest guy’s shoe in high school. Ah the memories.)

Until our time meets again,


(Let’s pretend I didn’t get deep at the fourth point. I feel like my sass toned down a little bit there but then again scratch that because I just realized my sass is like the sun, nothing dims the sun. OH YEAAH!)


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