The seventh post just had to be special, right? (What with it being seventh and all. Jk)

Today’s motivation: Messaging Apps. So, I got to speak to some of my school friends yesterday over messaging and let me tell you, it was the best thing ever. Now its not that I haven’t spoken to them since god created light or anything (but not going to lie, it kinda felt that long). So, getting back, that got me thinking about why I couldn’t write about friends. Because what is more important than friends anyway (besides pizza. Duh!)

So, here are the types of friends I have or I am/been or seen elsewhere. (I’m amaze BTW. Just saying.)


  • The shoulder to cry on.

If this doesn’t speak volumes already, do you even English, bro? (I do. Evidently because the grammar on that line is so bomb.) So these are the type of friends that got your back no matter what. When I say got your back I don’t mean the ‘I’m going to fight the whole world for you’ type of a person but the person who doesn’t have to really care about what’s going on but will always listen to you bawl your eyes out and talk about how a personal size basic cheese pizza is now 195 rupees when you’re broke (THE HORROR). They may not stand up for you but they’ll always be there to catch you when you need them. (I don’t know how to describe them better. Apologies.)


  • The shopper.

Holy lard, these are danger. When I say danger I mean exactly what danger means. This person will never get enough of what a store has to offer. They are always on the lookout for better things but end up buying EVERYTHING that they’re NOT looking for. And who accompanies them? WE! Who wants to strangle them with the phancy blue belt they just bought? WE! For all you know, they might have just come shopping for ONE sock but what they end up leaving with is a Gucci bag, three dresses, four shoes to go with the three dresses they bought, seven necklaces, about a couple hundred rings and if they’re crazy, a pig too.


  • The coach. (aka the understanding one.)

This speaks for itself as well. But then again, let’s elaborate because you know you want to know what I think (because I’m such a good writer. Such a good one. Such a good good one. See what I’m doing here?) So anyway, this person has the best opinions on things, the best replies to the horseshit that you come up with and the best person to call when you need someone to tell you what to reply back to a person because this friend is the one who knows everything. (Like master oogway! They just know stuff. Like the universe! Okay, I’ll stop comparing now.)


  • The risk taker. (Self proclaimed)

The best kind of people to associate with (unless they’re some real nasty cuckoos). These are the type of friends that allow you to see life in a different way. By different I mean from the peak of the alps. Because they don’t care what happens they just wanna fun. And their motto in life? YOLO. You only lie once. (I didn’t make a mistake. I meant lie.) Lemme explain why? You can’t tell your mom you’re going to go sliding in Niagara falls because you’re stopid but what you will tell her is that you’re going to swim in a river. The next minute, you’re legit sliding down the rocks in Niagara. So you only lie once because you know when you get back, your mom, her sister, her great grandfather, his uncle, Gandhi, Prithviraj Chauhan and Hitler are going to skin you alive. (So there. Just when you thought I couldn’t come up with something utterly insensible.)

  • The foodie!

Did you honestly think I was going to forget this? Pfft! Do we even know each other? This person (I can rightfully include myself in this category because just because) has only one goal in life. TO EAT EVERY BURGER EVER MADE! (It’s not impossible, okay?) But, truthfully, this person is the reason you eat every 45 minutes whenever you’re out. This friend can’t keep his/her hands off of anything that is edible. One hour without food is hell for him/her. Nevertheless, coming to the pros of having this friend is, YOU’RE NEVER HUNGRY! You just have food around you at all times.


So, there! Those were the best types of friends I have. They’re amazing. Having them is like having vanilla ice cream with mango drizzle. (In case you ever get stuck about what to get me for my birthday, now you know *wink*.  Smooth, aren’t I?) Also, without that shopper friend of mine, I’d be still wearing rainbow pants. (They never went out of style tho) So, what I’m trying to get at is I’m grateful for every single one of these people that made the cuckoo I am. 😀 (Although, the sass is all mine.)


Until our time meets again,




I usually add a little something in the bottom for you and this time it’s this,

GO WATCH F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (And that was the best thing I could come up with.)


  1. Yes old friends are gold and new are sometimes better than those as they are with you in each new step that u are taking. Yeah it’s always good to catch up

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