THINGS YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF DOING. (I think we’ve already established that I’m equally bad at titling.)

I didn’t plan on doing this today but since I was feeling out of sorts (and needed to amuse myself), I’M BACK!

Today’s motivation: Inspiration (How else could I try to sound deep then?) What I wanted to say was I didn’t have any motivation today. But what drove me to think about writing today was SUNDAY! In all honesty, I’ve tricked my mind into thinking Sunday is a good day but in reality it’s a pre Monday. Almost like a Monday. Let’s just call it a Monday sans 3% nastiness.

So today I wanted to let loose and here’s how I achieved it and have been achieving it since the past week because let’s be real here, I haven’t been doing ANYTHING productive lately but definitely feeling the blues (and I still wonder why). Trust me, I’m not going to be boring because I was born pha-bu-lus.


1)Scribbling/giving definitive proof that you can’t draw for nuts.

This is normal, okay? Scribbling doesn’t mean you just can’t stop moving your hands. What it means on a deeper level is, you just can’t stop moving them. How does it help though? You can draw people you hate (if you’re bad at drawing then you can draw worse pictures of them without even having to try) and then stab those pictures (trust me, it’s not immature). Let me tell you the feel.  It’s like the feeling you get once you’re done with your business in the washroom when you urgently needed to use it. #thefeels.

2)Singing like you’re trying to communicate with a whale.

In case you sound like a frog with a sore throat, it’s for the best, hon. The louder and more terrible you sound, the more liberated you feel. (I can’t tell the same about the people around you but for you, I promise it’ll feel amazing.) How does this help though? When you yell out the lyrics which aren’t part of the song, it’s obvious you’re making up stuff that you want to scream and get rid of. How is this not better than keeping everything bottled inside and losing yourself everyday little by little. (I’d choose scream singing over crying ANYDAY. I don’t see why you can’t communicate with the people of Ghana from India by screaming the message at them. Result: Not so amazing vocals BUT zero phone bills.)

3)Exercising aka ripping the one gym shorts you were hoping to use when you hit the gym in 2055.

Exercising doesn’t have to mean tying a ponytail with your feet 4000 times. Exercising for me means moving my body until every single one of my bones feel like liquid and then waking up the next morning and realizing the parts of your body which you didn’t know could hurt (like your eyelashes). How do I achieve it? Try jumping like crazy. How does it help? You’re going to feel tired, I won’t lie to you. You might breakdown in between, still not going to lie to you. But, once you’re done focusing on trying to work yourself, you’ll be ready to kick some butt. (Also, you can hit the gym. It might not be a pretty sight at first but it’ll only go uphill from there.)


When I say this I don’t mean devouring everything in sight. Some people, and it is scientifically proven, find relief in eating. (Like moi). So, if you’re one of them then you already know where to go and what to do if you’re feeling down but if you’re not one of those big foodies and don’t revert back to food, then eating might not help. But how do you know you’re one among the problem eaters without having tried before? Here’s how. If something hits you hard in life and the first you do is get something to eat, there that’s enough. More than enough to tell you how you channel your feelings. (Talk about being obvious.)


Now this is a form of exercising but the reason I made it a different point was because, being a person who LOVES dance, I had to do this justice. And here’s how dance helps me. Anger through contemporary is my ish. (Although, the only contemporary I do is quarter of a split and half a turn for 3.5 minutes.) The magnitude of satisfaction it gives is incomparable. But then again speaking for the non-dancers, let me tell you why you should do it anyway. The atrocious dancing is mind numbing itself. You don’t need anything else entertainmentwise. If you got a mirror to see yourself dancing, then you’re all good.

So there, those were the things I could think of to bust your stress/disappointment/anxiety/whatever it is. The reason why it all involves crazy ideas is because a secure person is a person who can laugh at himself/herself. And if you’re comfortable doing a headstand twerk and feeling the music, I cannot imagine the level of exhilaration you’ve reached. All power to you, darlin’.


Until our time meets again,




Eat, dance, scream, love and then scream again. The only type of limits are the ones you draw yourself. If you want to spontaneously eat an apple, do it. (That came from nowhere but randomness has already been established as being my thing. Just go with it.)

12 Replies to “THINGS YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF DOING. (I think we’ve already established that I’m equally bad at titling.)”

  1. Despite the fact that you are a girl, probably socially active, have a lot of friends 😦 , I can relate to your posts soooo much, especially with the constant Leggo. Thanks for the follow 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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