I miss having my holidays. Mehh!

Today’s motivation: No holidays. I know. I’m hanging in there/here, whatever. But, this is what makes it all the more fun to write. I’ve had my fair share of holidays since the time I was made human. Although, I hadn’t had a holiday for a long time before November 10th, 2014. I had forgotten the feeling of leisure by the waters. (Yup, I’m a beach girl. It’s funny how I refuse to type out beach babe. Huh, weird.) Moving on, since my never ending academics refuse to cut me loose, I decided reminiscence is as good a holiday as opposed to fretting about the DESTRUCTION of my summer vacations. Hmph!

So, from the holidays I’ve had so far, I realized a thing or two about how important holidaying is for a person.


  • The off-time.

This had to top MY list because I’m known to work under pressure. So, if you want me to do something for 3 days, I’ll only really get to it on the second day, even though I fan out the process. And although that might seem like I procrastinate a lot (which I do), it works for me. I work better under pressure. So for me personally, after I’m done with whatever I had to get done, and been working hard at it (at the last minute like usual) I expect someone to spoil me and take me on a holiday. If I don’t get that, get ready for Godzilla: The Re-re-birth.


  • The unknown.

People who plan the trip might not know how this feels but, for the person/people who don’t know about where they’re going, it’s crazy. It’s almost like reaching a high with the wallop of excitement before arriving at the destination. Our ever so adroit father knows just how to keep us dizzy and eager for our holiday. The feeling of the unknown is waaaaaaay better than knowing where you’re going and not part taking in the journey because you’re only bothered about the destination. Even though I HATE travelling (with a fierce passion i.e.), the tingling amusement keeps me going strong. (Great work, pops.)


  • The bonding.

Be it a family vacation, a buddy trip or a honeymoon (You know I’m still a kid if I’m giggling at this. GOD!), holidays are universally accepted to be the primo way to band. (Now, wasn’t that funny to read. GROW UP, LADY! Also, I meant bond.) Holiday=superlative for bonding. I’m not saying all holidays are fun and great. Some are like having bears fighting around all day. I’m not addressing those group of holiday-ers. But, most times holidays are great because you’re cut off from real life (Usually. Only if you have no network on your phone, these days. Which is hardly the case.) and you have no other option than to interact with the familia/buds/your other half (Why is this funny to me? Oh my God!)


  • The pointless shopping.

I feel like the only time my dad allows me to buy absolutely redundant things is when we are on a holiday. Because, why not? Here’s how a conversation usually goes,

“What would you do with a Shrek figurine set? You’re 17 years old”, says dad.

“The question is what wouldn’t I do? I can make him a swamp in my room and we’d be shrek and donkey”, I reply.

“You don’t have to try making a swamp in your room. And this is why you have no friends”, he replies.

“Right in the feels, man. So, it’s 325 rupees. I’ll be with mom.”, I say and have a mini dance party as I watch my dad pay for a green blob of soft vinyl.

Classic example of a conversation between the pops and me. It’s all okay to buy whatever you want when you’re on a holiday. It’s accepted. I even think there’s a thing in the constitution of holidaying rights. Don’t take my word on it. I’m not quite sure. (Also, the Shrek that I bought now has no head and Fiona is naked and I don’t know where their 8 kids disappeared and I still sleep with Donkey and his dronkeys. If you don’t get all my Shrek references, WATCH THE GODDAMN MOVIE. What are you doing with your life, child?)


So, there. Those were the things I could compile of what holidays really mean to me. Even though, like I previously mentioned, I HATE travelling, with the right people the loathing tones down a notch. (Just a notch because the minute I puke-which is EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO ON A HOLIDAY- the resentment hits me hard.) I might go off like crazy cussing everything around me but in the end, I’ll always settle down. It’ll be a ball travelling with me, I swear. :’D


Until our time meets again,




If you’re like I am and hate the travelling part of the journey and get motion sickness very, very, very, very easily, passing out helps. Just hit yourself in the head or get someone to do it and zonk out. You’re welcome! :’D