(If you’re new, this is the starting bit of a story I’ve decided to write about. It’s only the beginning and I doubt I’ll continue posting because it’s usually hard to keep track of stories. But, for now, this is as good as it’s going to get. LOL. Enjoy.)

I sat picking at the tiny bread crumbs that made a mess of my work place as I pondered about what Emily might be doing at that very minute. It was great that she had had the day off in over two weeks. I was happy for her. My best friend had been working her butt off for so long that even if you were slogging the weekend at the local baker’s, you’d still be happy for her. And I genuinely was happy that she had taken off time to go vacationing with her fiancé.

“MIA! A little help over here?” a familiar voice called out. My head immediately snapped back up and I looked over to a table full of rowdy looking teenagers besides who stood Claire. I raised my finger indicating I’d take a minute, but she shook her head vigorously and signaled to rush over to the table immediately.

“These boys tell me someone mixed up their order. Does that sound like you?” This wasn’t a question even though she made it seem like one. I was just about to reply when she cut me off by raising her hand. She eyed Simone who was attending the next table and asked her to fix the problem I wasn’t aware I had created.

She dragged me to the back of the store and shut the already fragile looking door that gave its usual whine before fastening itself. I looked at her all wide eyed and shrugged.

“This is the second time you’ve mixed up orders in under a week!” she yelled. And when I say yelled she did properly yell at me.

“No, I didn’t. I took their right order this time around.”

“So our customers are lying? You’re putting what was evidently your fault on to the customers because that’s an easy escape? TWO TIMES IN A WEEK?”

“If the ‘customers’ you’re talking about are those rowdy kids, then yes. They’re lying. They did it the first time. They changed their orders just when I served them. They did it this time around too.” I didn’t think I would actually snap at her like the way I did but I didn’t feel sorry after I had spoken.

“Amelia McClay, you hear me nice and clear, child. You keep up this nonsense any longer, I wont be doing the favors I’m doing for you right now. This has got to stop. You told me you wanted to earn your money. For what you’re capable of doing. And if messing up ever so often is what you’re specialized in then I don’t think I can help hold your fort up any longer.”

I stared at her in disbelief. Here was the person I was working for since over 3 years telling me that I was being irresponsible. She called me a screw up even though it wasn’t to my face and the actual words. I’d never been told I couldn’t do something so straight up. This was not my fault. I hadn’t mixed up the orders. I couldn’t have done it to the same customer. Couldn’t she see that? After all this time of working with her couldn’t she see that I was being played?

“You need to go back and apologize to them. Now.”

I sulked but I made sure she didn’t see it. There was no point now anyway. But, I had to do what she told me to. So, I yanked the door and dragged my feet as heavily as I could across the marbled floors and went straight to the table with the teenagers clinking their jugs of drinks against each other’s.

“Ho-ho. I’m guessing it’s an apology you come bearing?” I was being greeted very well. If only Claire could somehow hear what was going on.

“Hear-hear. I’ve come bearing an apology” another mimicked in a failed attempt to sound like a twelve year old girl.

I cleared my throat and gave each of them a sharp look before I started. “I’m sorry to have messed up your orders. It wont happen again.” I was willing to walk away that instant but a comment rooted me.

“How do you wish to compensate? Now? Tonight? The weekend?” The urge to turn around and throw a blow across the guy’s face was overpowering the voice in my head that told me to keep on ahead and never to turn back or tend to this table. Luckily for me, I realized keeping my job was worth more than tossing the contents of their pitchers on their miserable sly faces.

I kept on ahead without once throwing a dirty look in their direction. I climbed back on to the chair I was assigned behind the desk and got to work on the accounts I had to do for the entire week. It kept my mind off what had just happened

I was oblivious to the conventional tell tale ring of the old copper bell above the doors or that a person had been trying to get my attention for the past god-knows-how-long until Claire reappeared again and snapped me out of my trance. Of course she had to think I was day dreaming but I was not. I was in actuality doing the job I had to.

I glared behind her as she disappeared and then shifted in my seat to look up at our new customer. A suited man who didn’t look above the age of 24 with deep furrowed eyebrows with stern eyes glaring back at me and lips set in a straight line stood cocking his head to one side and waiting for me to stop gaping at him. I immediately recovered myself and blinked repeatedly.

“How can I help you?”

“I’d like a blueberry croissant with the drizzle. I’m in a hurry”


Until our time meets again,



Ahhh! It’s begun. I’ve gotten up to six pages already in less than a day. I only hope I’m up for the task. I don’t have the time to come up with an entirely new concept so I figured I’d get started with a fan fic. Like they say, baby steps, mate. Baby steps. I’ll be back with the ranting soon. :’)