The amount of times I’ve gone about writing this blog……. OH MY GOD! Anyway, I know I’m not alone when I say that 2016 boasts a good amount of fantabulous movies to look forward to. The beginning of the year saw some exceptional ones (Oh the fancy on these gigantic words.) …….. you know I’m talking about BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (Oh hot damn Affleck!) and Zootopia (I’ve always been a Disney girl. Just saying.) and good ol’ JUNGLE BOOK (Ah! Childhood.) and oh, KUNG FU PANDA 3 (I havent watched that but I know it did good.)

So, with all these out of the way, theres a fresh slate to start smashing the box office again. So, even though all of these may not score as well as DoJ did, there’s maybe a slight chance that one of these movies might hit big (you’ll know when I get there). Alrighty, without dragging this further on like I would love to because it’s hard not to ramble, let’s get in to it.




So, I read the book about a week ago when I was supposed to be studying for a really important exam. Let me tell you why I read the book and why I’ll be watching this movie even if the world ends that day. Sam Claflin. (Or Finnick for all you hunger games fanatics.) Claflin is hot. Period. There’s no saying otherwise. The eyebrow lift (I don’t know if this actually has a name per say but if it does, then I’ll probably never know because I’m sticking with ‘the eyebrow lift’.) and the sly smile ish thing he does. OH MY LARD! I’ll be having some major problems sitting up right in the theatre. That I know. (If you know what I mean, say roger.) The trailer looked amaze balls and so did the choice of music and Emilia Clarke (She’s just goals.). ‘Nuf said. Come watch with me.




Takes the top position too. I didn’t forget my numbers; don’t go crazy. I’m looking forward to both ME BEFORE YOU and this with the same zing. I didn’t follow the comics as much (which I’m terribly ashamed of) but the movies I’ve been a huge fan of so, when I heard about the CIVIL WAR being in the works, I flipped. But, when the trailer was released I was only expecting bomb ass music with really amazing stunts and cool effects and all that sumptuous work. The trailer had all of those elements along with a jolt right at the end. (Of course I won’t tell you what it is.)  *Whispers SPIDEY!* (I’m sorry. You were going to see it anyway.) So the new spider man played by Tom Holland makes an appearance. If that doesn’t make you want to go see the movie just to know how the new spider man kicks ass, we can’t be friends sorry. YOU STAY AWAY. Jk. We is fam.




AHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m excited! Who’s excited? I’M EXCITED. Ellen DeGeneres fit the role so perfectly the first time and it’ll be a treat watching her reprise the part of Dory again, without a doubt. FINDING NEMO was just as huge a part of my childhood as JUNGLE BOOK was so if this movie is as good as JUNGLE BOOK is, I’ll probably just lose it. I can’t really handle all the amazeness. No but in all seriousness, I hope it’s as good as or even better than the JUNGLE BOOK. (Can we have the LION KING in the works now?  Thank you very much.)




I don’t know much about the movie’s plot or if the trailer is even out because I haven’t seen it yet, but since THE ROCK is on it, you know this is going to be epic. The posters seem pretty fine and the little outline of a plot that they’ve put up on wiki seems promising for a good watch (if you’re a Disney enthusiast then you won’t mind even if they make a movie about two mexican crabs trying to learn espagnol. Why do I even come up with references like this?) Buuuuuuut, DISNEY ALL THE WAY! It looks new and doesn’t seem to broach up anything I’ve seen before. Yay to a first.


So, there. These are some of the movies that I’m DYING to watch. There are a few more I wouldn’t mind watching but I’m not as keen on them as I am on these four. I’ve watched a good amount of movies these past few months so I think I’ll stick to another five more for this year. (Just so my parents don’t throw me out for spending half my life in a theatre.)


Until our time meets again,




I forgot. I may even be up for watching BRIDGET JONES’S BABY. Only to see how miserably they aged tho and ANGRY BIRDS THE MOVIE (the trailer was okayish, I guess) and maaaaaaybe SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR (maaaaaaaaybe). I’ll see you while buying popcorn, yeah? Cheers.

33 Replies to “MOVIES I’LL BE AT!”

  1. i absolutely cannot wait for Finding Dory to come out! or The Secret Life Of Pets. I love that i am not the only one this excited for the movies coming out this summer! 🙂

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      1. um it seems amazing. seems kind of like toy-story and maybe kind of like Bolt if you saw that one….but like 100 times cuter in my opinion! let me know what you think of the trailer!

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                  1. nope not creepy. I was afraid of creeping you out too…but then i was like, well i’m talking to her on the internet so worst case scenario, i never have to see her! haha only thing is making sure you are not a serial killer. i promise i’m not!

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                    1. Ok….I gotta go now because I’m going to be beach with my mom, sister and dog….but I will Def email you later. BECAUSE WE HAVE TO TALK MORE!

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  2. All the movies are on my list too. I am a bit confused about watching Me before you though, since I read the novel it makes me feel like the movie won’t be enough. lol I did a review of the book and I am still in two minds about watching the movie. Let’s see how it goes.

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    1. the only thing I’m dreading about seeing the movie is getting to the end. Partly why I kinda don’t want to see it but I also want to. (Doesn’t make much sense I know).
      Hey also, I was checking your site, is there any way I can drop a comment? I can’t find the comment box.


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