Should you know that I’m listening to Tay-Tay while I type this out? No. But, I’m telling you anyway. We tell each other everything, don’t we?

In one of my previous posts where I spoke about holidaying or the perks of holidaying or SOMETHING (whatever the heck that was) I made it clear I was unhappy with my lack of holidays. But, since all my whining and grunting goes in vain EVERYTIME, I decided to go with the flow and wait for it to happen when it happens.  #goin’withtheflow #hashtag  (Maybe I’ll just stick with hashtags on IG.)

If you want to know why there are a million pictures on this post; I FIGURED OUT A WAY TO INSERT PICTURES INTO THE POST. WOOOOO. If you know me by now you know for sure I’m not letting this go until I make full use of it. Ah, the plus to learning the works of how to insert pictures into posts is that I’M NEVER STOPPING. (We’ll figure out why I’m yelling every word later on. Let it go for now.) I feel like I should explain what I mean. So, I’ve been ‘writing’ for a little over three months now and still hadn’t figured out HOW IN HECK people were inserting these dope pictures and sneaking GIF’s in between paragraphs.Of course I wasn’t just going to sit and watch all these phancy doings and not do something for myself as well. So, I went ahead and did some searching and poking around and figured out that the icon to insert pictures was right at the top. The very FIRST thing you see is the icon. (I swear I’m a genius, by the way. Let this not fool you.) Now, that explains why I have so many GIF’s on the previous post, doesn’t it?

Oh quick random thing-I skipped songs. No more Tay-Tay. If you want a song to jam and booty wiggle to, Lupe Fiasco-The show Goes On. (You’re welcome ;))

So, this was my first real holiday (by real I mean the kind where you don’t go to see some aunt and she takes you shopping) that I’d had in over 3 years.



View from the resort we stayed at. I remember how I struggled to get a panoramic view because I still hadn’t figured out how my phone worked. So, I stood there moving my arms in front of me like a kook for a good 20 minutes. This was shot just when I wanted to give up.
Perumbadi Lake, Coorg. I promise it looks more pleasing in real time. Oh also, this lake is ‘apparently’ teeming with crocodiles that guard a treasure that was thrown in by some King (who obviously didn’t know what in Hades name he was doing.)
Even though I have a terrible fear of dark waters or just full brimming and vast stretches of water, staying inside and looking out at the calm afternoon ocean was strangely satisfying and calming. I also remember thinking ‘Satisfying and whatever may it be but there is NOTHING that’d get me on a boat to go into a sea like this. I knew how nasty it’d get. Ho, God no.’
The first drive in beach I visited. Our vehicle didn’t have a lot of problem getting out of the mud (maybe because my dad was clever enough to not go further in) but watching others struggle to free their car from the quenching sand was hilarious. I think I was the only one laughing like an idiot while others just gasped and pointed at the vehicles that kept going in foolishly. I did feel bad for them but they asked for it when they drove straight into the water and literally went by ‘driving into the sunset’. Just stopid.
The first thing that delighted me. I went apeshit crazy when I saw the windmill. This windmill generates enough energy to light up all the lamps that outline the entire protective wall. Of course, I had to forget to click those pictures. Sigh.
Somewhere along this way, I think I threw up on the side of the road. Ah, memories. Also, that’s dung on the road or mud or whatever. Don’t get the wrong idea.

Okay, I think I’ll just stick to everything else besides travel writing. Probably not my ish. But, you never know until you try, right? Also, I’ll be back with more travel writing. (Rebel. Rebel. Rebel.Rebel.) I’ll try toning down the use of pictures. I’m not promising anything.


Until our time meets again,




It’s a boring Tuesday and I wanted to write. You’ve got room for a little randomness, don’t you? Good!


  1. congrats on figuring out how to insert pictures!! it was a happy day for me too, when i myself figured it out! (without googling how to, might i add). and also those 3rd and 4th pictures are absolutely beautiful (they all are…but those two are my favorites!) and um, just so you know, tuesday really ARE boring…like nothing ever happens on tuesdays basically.

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  2. Perumbadi Lake, Coorg called out to me and just as I was about to add it to my to visit list, you said crocodiles and treasure. Now I wanna go there more then ever. It’s always fun to read travel stories and you have taken some wonderful pictures even though you are new to the phone. *pats on shoulder* and congrats on figuring out how to add pictures. I remember the first time I tried doing so, it took me good time to figure out..

    Have a happy day 🙂
    See you

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          1. Exactly. But considering the fact that we are intelligent Sherlock Holmes and National Treasure fans, some of it can get lost during the course of search and moving….. hmmm we just might get some 😉

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    1. Thank you very much! The pictures are?! How about I bring you home and you can tell that to my sister who thinks I shut my eye and pressed down the button without actually focusing on anything. HMPH. (Just kidding. But this comment is going to her. Thank you.) ❤

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  3. And that too some hours back, people gave up on me, the lost joys of the pen and paper, alas! The joys of Internet, wasn’t ignorance a bliss?

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