I thought I had trouble with being consistent but clearly I have trouble beginning a post. (Ugh.)

Excuse for being MIA: Exams. (Good enough?)

Anyway, I’ve been nominated for an ….. *drum roll*….. AWARD! Yet again. (The goods just keep on coming with me/ to me? Whut.) I was clearly delighted when I got nominated for the Liebster Award. (CLEARLY.) So, when I was nominated for yet another award, I demanded to be bowed down to by these measly earthlings I live with. (*inserts evil laugh* *slowly exits while everyone gasps*)

Bow down.gif

Thank you,…/one-lovely-blog-award  for nominating me for this one. It took me a while because I didn’t want to half-ass it and post something I wasn’t very complacent with. But, thanks again for thinking about my blog. 😀

The rules:

one lovely blog


The things:

  • I’m South-Indian. (Yenna? If you don’t know what I just said, good. On the same page here.)
  • I believe love does happen to everyone. (Explains why I’ve been a pringle my whole 17 years and 346 days.)
  • I LOVE cottage cheese.
  • I habitually put periods after every sentence
  • I can do the moon walk. (Don’t ‘pfft’ and roll your eyes. I can!)
  • Obama is weirdly very role model-y to me.
  • I have a dragon that breathes fire for a sister. (Thanks, parents.)

-I also think Salman Khan can’t dance for nuts.


Here’s a list of my nominations.


Until our time meets again,




17 years and 346 days meant I’m turning 18 in a little bit. Do the math and chalk up how you’re surprising me. (I promise to faint.)


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