As the orchestra plays ‘Stand up for the champion’ in the background, I take a mighty bow and wave like a retard, crying hysterically at being nominated for another award. (I swear I’m done being annoying.)

I got nominated for this one by Thank you for nominating me. For those of you who haven’t visited her blog yet and want a leedul bit of fitspo to pull through your workouts or you just want to sit with a bag of chips and soda and look at others thrive at achieving bomb bodies, (gimme a fist bump) and then go check her blog out. I’m not joking when I say it got me pumped for the first TWO days. (I ate a pizza to reward myself. For two consecutive days. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD SQUATS ARE?) Anyway, if you’re better than I am at keeping your waist fiiiiine, you should definitely drop by. There are so many fun stuff to try out, if dancing like crazy is something you’ve already done.

Moving on, here are The Rules.

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Attach the award to your post.

Write a brief story / history of your blog.

A take down of advice to New bloggers.

Nominate 10 other bloggers

Comment on their blogs to notify them of the nomination.


The history of ‘Your Average peahead.’

First off, for those who haven’t been around since the time Christ was born, this is not the name I came up with when I first started out writing. *Flashback* On February 5th after I was done with my physics internals (and got acceptable readings! Claps for me.) I wanted to let loose and do something for the evening besides going out and talking to people. So I sat down and created a blog on about 3 sites before I remembered WordPress, a platform one of my friends used. I finally got on this site and created an account. (Let us not talk about the first one. The address took you to an adult site and I’ve been scarred for life ever since I made that HUGE mistake.) So I came back, frustrated and decided to make another account with the name ‘a28598blog’, written in big white letters across my home page. I stuck to that for a good two months before I stumbled upon ‘The Community Pool’ and someone told me, “Your name kind of makes your site seem like scam”. The only thing I understood from that was, “Hey, you seem like a serial killer.”

I slept on it, laughing. A couple of days after that, I broke a glass absentmindedly at home and the immediate cannon balls fired at me were, “What do you have, a PEAHEAD?”. (Exaggeration never pinched anyone in the arse, no?)

I wish I could continue but I feel like I’m doing such a bad job reciting it all. (See, this is why I’d never make it as a history teacher. I can’t make the time people invented the wheel seem interesting enough. Sigh.) Besides, you geddit already. (Let’s pretend you do.)


Advice for bloggers just starting out.

  • Stay consistent.

I’m one to speak but in all honesty, if you post every time Halley’s Comet whizzes past, you’ll only be getting NEGATIVE follows, likes and views. NEGATIVE! Not zero, NE-GA-TIVE!

  • Promotion is KEY.

I sat for a month and a half with two posts and 3 views. (The traffic that time was immense, I say.) I decided as long as I was writing every month, someone would magically dream about searching ‘a28598blog’ and then wind up there. See how that worked out? Splendidly. Until I threatened everyone about shocking them and told them to read everything I had written, nothing happened. (I always knew that shocker pen would come in handy.) Tell everyone you know about your writing and keep them in a choke hold until they stop by. (And never listen to what I say EVER.)


Every Monday, or Sunday or Tuesday or whatever day it goes live in whatever place you live in, get in on the interaction between various bloggers. Go visit their sites, learn new things, develop new writing styles, connect with people having similar interests, make new friends and help each other grow. (Have I convinced you that I’m 70 years old? Oh, good.) The next one is on 16th. I’ve made great friends through that. You will, too.

  • Give it time.

Don’t expect the President of the United States to feature you in one of his campaigns along the side the minute you first post on your site. It takes time to grow. Give it time.

  • Uh, have fun?


Before I advance on to a full post and a half about how to blog, we should get this clear. I haven’t been on here since forever. It might not seem like I have it all down but this is what I’ve learnt from writing since the past few months.


Here’s a list of my nominations.

So I don’t know the difference between 10 and 12.

Until our time meets again,



Flying in the face of what I just said, I’m going to be consciously slacking on my posts since I’m going away from two months for ‘studies’. Don’t decide to judge my site on these future couple of weeks. (No fair.) I hope you guys have a great weekend. Cheers.



  1. Bwahahaha! I love you more and more each time I read a blogpost from you. No, not in the creepy, stalker-ish way. Well, maybe a little 😁 You are absolutely hilarious, real, and a great writer. Why I grow up I wanna be like you 😝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha!! One another one for me!! Thank you very much..
    That story about your blog name.. Did your mum say that? Its really funny though.. 😀

    PS: I’ll be a bit late for posting the two awards. My end sems have started.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright! Congratulations!
      Yeah. She’s always called me that. That day was a little bit of extra feeling because that was the second time after my dad that I’d broken one of her glasses.
      That’s alright. I still have to go about with the award nomination you gave me. (Lol)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, thanks for the nomination, girl. Although I’m not sure yet if I will be accepting the award, the fact that you think my blog is worthy of recognition really means a lot 🙂

    On a side note, I see that your domain name still is Have you considered changing it to match your current blog title? If you are interested, is available as a domain address! – Not that a28598blog makes you sound like a serial killer or anything 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol! This was an en-joyful read. It was just one post that i have read on my first visit here and i got mixed reactions. I mean, maximum concentration look on the outside, smiling, then amazed, stunned etc. You have a gift, such talent in this art of transforming ideas, thoughts into writings.
    Deserved this award i’d say. Many Congratulations! – Cezane


    1. Thank you so much. 😀 Sorry for taking this long to reply. I was caught up in something and couldn’t find enough time to post.
      I should be back sooner this week/the next. But thank you again for being so sweet.


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