How does the blood of innocence feel?
How does the blood of angels feel?
They let you in thinking you were only human.
A monstrous being, plotting and planning.
Praying that the fieriest fires engulf you is only too little an asking.
No, you didn’t stomp. You set fire to those flowers.
You’ve plagued the minds of innocent
You are who we’d call a waste of space.
But then again,….

What drove you to kill?
The ones who could’ve shown you love
The ones who could’ve shown you life
The ones who smiled till the very minute you pulled your hellish weapon out.
What drove you to kill?
The ones who never got to say goodbye.
The ones who didn’t get away in time.
The ones whose fear you shot out of their eyes.
What drove you to kill?
The ones who had families praying
The ones who had friends hoping.
The ones who had life waiting.
What drove you to kill, just another human?

No one would ever understand why you killed.
No one would ever want to hear you out.
But, if there’s ever a chance,
Don’t defend yourself.
Nothing will seem right enough to explain your madness
Except, you’re no human!


To anyone that has to live with the pain of losing a close one, I sincerely hope you can come through stronger.
[I’ve always had “until our time meets again”, at the very end of all my posts. But for very obvious reasons, I couldn’t type that out. It blended in a way I wasn’t comfortable with. Nevertheless, I’m not running away, I swear.]



'Girl don't need no coffee or alcohol to get pumped..' That was typically basic of me but Hey, there. You've made it to the weird side of the internet. I wish I was as pleasing as I think I am. If you're into poorly crafted jokes and random almost zero sense making one liners that pop up between my feeble attempts at trying to be funny more often than not, you should stick around. If you know me in person, I'm not the same awkward and mildly anxious doof that I am in real life. I'd like to think I'm a talking dance party on here. Please let me live in my head. Thank you and I hope to see more of you.


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