Thank you extemporizedblog.wordpress.com  for nominating me. I failed miserably the last time I tried to do this challenge. I’m stoked I got the chance to write borderline redundant things under quotes, again. This should be fun. (I’ll limit the nonsense on this one, maybe.)


Firstly, this not a sad-ass post (Yes, I add ass to everything for the extra pep, if you may.) about a girl who’s heartbroken. So, don’t roll your eyes, go pfft and decide “Here we go with the boo-hoo-hoo”. NO!

If you’ve ever had a hard time letting go of something that you let hurt you deliberately because of some petty fear of losing something that was clearly poisoning your sense of self-worth, I’m not saying this will help. (I’m not saying it won’t either. Let’s pretend.) A baby step toward realizing you’re being held down by a weight you can oh-so-easily shift is a progress over anything.


I’ll hold on till after the point you’ve burnt all relations. It may seem like I’m not one to speak but, with a weird sense of pride, I can finally say, a girl I once thought was ‘homie’ material, has been let off. I might still watch out for her, smile when I see her do her thing (and might low-key go “Heyyyy, that’s the pig I once did the ‘lungi dance’ with. Look at her go.), never knowingly delete her contact but, that being said, I’ll never not let her know she didn’t try holding on.



I’ve never had a relationship. (Hence why I trash people in relationships left, right and center.) Without being obvious, I’ve never thrown hot tea on anyone in a café and yelled ‘WE. ARE. DONE. WHAT ARE WE? DONE! THAT’S WHAT WE ARE” and stomped away. (We shall ignore the in your face obviousness.) But, I’ve had friends of mine see the worst part of the love game. If it hasn’t affected them, sure has scarred me for life. (Also, I look like a potato. #foreversingle.) This one goes out to anyone having a hard time letting go of that ‘person.’ (Honestly, I really hope you do find happiness. :))



Never is it easy to go out of routine. For what it’s worth, “Let go and watch it come back if it’s really yours.”

LG 2


SO! There’s just one other thing I found for those bad-‘ass’ (I’m not stopping with the ‘ass’. No!) people who got through crap and made it out. You da real MVP!






Rules: 1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2)Post 1-3 quotes every day for three consecutive days.

3) Nominate three other people each day.

Hope you have fun doing it.

Until our time meets again,




Or you could just follow this.

“If you love someone let them go. If you hate someone let them go. Basically let everyone go. People are stupid.”

I love you. Have a great week!

17 Replies to “QUOTE CHALLENGE. (DAY 1: LET IT GO!)”

      1. It’s good that they didn’t catch your attention. Yay! I write perfect, fluent, grammatical correct English. (OK, don’t start looking for the typos. Do you really want me file a suit against you for breaking my fantasy?)

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