She’s not the prettiest to look at
She hasn’t got the nicest words to say
She’s an awkward, insecure mess within
Won’t you try and understand?

She’ll talk like she understands
She’s not pretending, she’s only still trying
She wants to know what you think
She wants to know what you said
She wants to know how you feel
Won’t you try and understand?

Give her a minute and she’ll tell you stories
Stories about pointless things and laugh at herself
She’ll tell you the things that drive you crazy
She’ll tell them with a passion that make those brown eyes twinkle.
Her mouth in a steady pace as meaningless, made-up words trickle
She’s trying to sound interesting to you
Won’t you try and understand?

Then one day, she wears a bright red lip
Does her hair up like Lana
Wears her best dress with glittery shoes
Winks multiple times at herself as she twirls in the mirror
And then, she imagines you holding her against you
The grip tightening as you maneuver through the crowd
People cheering on and commenting how swell you look
She smiles a triumphant smile and looks at you
That crooked smile and the gleam in her eye
Won’t you try and understand?

She snaps out of her silly trance
Smiles at her shiny, excited reflection
She grabs a bag she’s never used
Rushes out to get to see you faster
Her hands are dripping wet and her feet slipping off her shoes
She still manages to run and skip
When she sees you sitting there completely unaware,
She accidently trips and falls and rips her dress
She smiles at the ground as she watches those shiny black shoes inch closer
A pair of known hands fastening around her arms
Hoisting her up and steadying her
She looks and smiles her little crooked smile and looks behind you
Through the huge mirror opposite you, you can see her friends clapping and winking at her
You smile at the embarrassment she feels
Your typical clutsy bestfriend
But, tell me, won’t you try and understand
Or should she throw herself in front of you again.

Until our time meets again,



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