I couldn’t think of one particular thing that I could post on so this is going to be a ratchet mess of a post with random quotes from movies more so than anywhere else. (After I completed the post I realized the entire thing is just from movies. Roll with it.)
Knowing that I haven’t planned anything out for this one in my head, I’m throwing in a disclaimer (if that’s what it’s called). None of these quotes actually relate to each other. Again, it’s a mix of things I’d like to see or read anytime of the day just to make the day a tad better or if I’m already feeling good, it helps me get hyper. (Hyper is always the way to go.) OR sometimes, it gets me feeling all bad-ass. (Meh.) And then there are times, which is usually, I just sit on my butt and do nothing.

And also, I completed the challenge. The sense of accomplishment has hit me and it has hit me hard. (A celebratory dance number follows with flailing hands and uncoordinated two left feet. Wooo.)


1) “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”
-Sam Montgomery. (A Cinderella Story.)

2) “Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because its easier than explaining what’s killing you inside.”
-The Joker. (The dark Knight.)

3) “I guess in this society being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time.”
-Kat. (Ten things I hate about you.)
[And then I wonder why all guys run away. Sigh.]

4) Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or, learn from it.”
-Rafiki. (The Lion King.)

This last one is not because of the movie that just came out (that no one took me to go watch) but because there’s never been a better line in a movie than this one. Disagree all you want but this will always remain #gold.

  “Just keep swimming.” -Dory. (Finding nemo.)

So, this is the last of the quote posts. Man, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would have. Because of a routine I picked up these past three days, I’ve kinda, maybe, not definitely but probably thought of doing this more often than not at all. (If I don’t revert to being plain lazy again, this might actually become a thing. But with me, you just never know.)


The owl of minerva



Until our time meets again,


I realize I’ve been doing this challenge all wrong. I’m supposed to be tagging three people on each post. Your girl just conviently forgot to do that. Tomorrow, there definitely will be tags on my previous post and this one. And then I’d have actually completed this challenge. For now, MY NAME’S ALL YOU GOT. (No sense.) Kbye, I’m out.


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