Yesterday wasn’t as good a productive day as today was. It normally wouldn’t have mattered what I did on the weekends because it’d usually just end up being plain boring but this weekend, I decided to do something for myself. I don’t see how this necessarily helps any of you or even is worth your time, but for those who think whiling away time is a better way to spend life as opposed to making memories, YOU’RE WRONG. Memories are a forever kind of a thing. If you’re not making them, you’re not living right. I’m not saying you should go do something reckless and save those moments. Hells naw! Start small. Even if its doing something in your solitude, do something that’s worth your time.  I’ve decided to make time for things I’d have otherwise wasted on staring back at the messages I get everyday.

“It’s the chances you didn’t take that matter.” (

Sooooo, I totally butchered that quote because I can’t remember for nuts what the real one said. But, I’m sure it was something along those lines. Since no one will otherwise know, I think I’m good. Let it pass.)

Moving on, here’s what my Saturday was like:
-I bunked classes to sleep. (Don’t consider this. I was only being honest and threw this in. Not going good so far.)
-I invited friends over after a super quick power nap. (Typical teenage urge.)
-Put up fairy lights for the heck of it. Totally worth the time I took to untangle myself whilst putting it up.
-Slept in the blue hue of those lights. (It looks much beautiful than it probably sounds. Ya feel?)

What Sunday went like:
-I slept again. (Tip to self: not the best thing to include in a post pushing people to live a little extra.)
-I invited friends over again. (If you’re wondering why I have people coming over everyday, here’s why. The only acceptable reason to keep my room clean is if someone’s coming home. Kudos to my parents who played me for years using that.)

When I’m 67 years and 28 days old, I’ll fall back on these posts, if I manage to remember my site, and look at what I did in the summer of ’16. That’s when I know I’d smile and say, I could’ve spent that money on that extra cheese pizza instead of getting those god-awful dim lights that gave me a headache if I kept them on for longer than 20 minutes. Although, not going to lie, something good came out of putting them up. Bomb pictures: Check

Shoutout to Danielle Marie from YouTube who gave me this idea. You should definitely go check her out. She hits the dab a lot. So totally worth your time if you’re into relaxing and calm videos.

I didn’t click a ton of pictures because everyone decided they looked like shit the exact day I wanted a ton of pictures. (So much for hard copy memories. Ugh.)

I went a little crazy and did the entire wall.
A tad too excited about the fairy lights. Can you tell?
Shoutout to Vegas and Vadha (not their real names) who dropped by. I have a mildly annoying obsession with that snapchat filter.
With no extra cheese and a teeny tiny crust. Betrayal! Ugh.

I’ll make sure to click pictures that are aesthetically pleasing the next time around. (There’s going to be a next time, just FYI.)

Until our time meets again,


I hope you guys had a great weekend. If you’re in funk, I hope you get through that. Next weekend will be great, no?

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