*plays the beginning bit of Partition by Beyoncé, whips her hair like crazy, throws one hand in the air while the other does it’s own thing and gets her best Sasha Fierce face out to celebrate* Thank you very much.

Since we’ve already established that I dramatise my existence a lot more than is socially acceptable, we shall get over the fact that I was even ever that descriptive. Okay! 

Without hiding the obvious, I have a problem with beginning my posts. I either jump right in or I go all the way around before I actually get to what I intended to say. There is no between with me. Either way, I know you go all, ‘What. In. The. Actual. Heck. Did. She. Want. To. Say.’ (I feel ya, fam.)

Moving on, the whole point of this post was that we hit a 100 followers!! A what? A one with two zeroes after it. SAY WHAAAAAAAT? 

It’s been 5 months since I started writing, putting together the two months I sat with 2 posts in total, and it’s been a ride ever since I decided this was what I wanted to do. Being brutally honest, I haven’t loved every minute of it. (Par exemple, the times I’ve had to THINK about what I wanted to write as opposed to an idea just hitting me.) I’ve always gone back and forth, dubiously looking to see if I could ever make it in this sphere or if people would actually be interested to know what an 18 year old from who-knows-where had to say. But, it’s been nothing but wholly exciting since I’ve begun making friends on WordPress. Everyday, while I read some of you guys’ posts, I think if I’ll ever be that creative with words, and then I fall back on my stats which isn’t less of a number to be disappointed with, thanks to you, again. Over the last three months (since I started posting on a kind of a regular basis) I’ve had the best comments come my way. I’ve gotten the chance to visit sites (mainly because most of you guys have dope profile pictures #idcimacreep) and pick up things. And today, standing 100 strong on this site, I’ve come to realize one thing. 

-This isn’t just all me. If my site has grown (this is a huuuuuge number for those shurgging off the hype about this post.) it’s because maybe I’m remotely tolerable. BUT MAINLY, you’ve been hella inspiring and unimaginably motivating. Point being, it’s YOU. The wonked ideas, the life saving tags and challenges and awards would’ve never come by if it weren’t for you, yes you, reading this. Knowing someone reads what I have to say when half of the others in real time don’t even pretend to care enough, sadly but strangely mushes me up inside.

Before I go on to overdoing this with how you are perfect, you are amazing, you are awesome, I’d be nothing without you ….bleh …bleh….bleh….bleh……BLAH….pfffssshhhrrr, here’s what I’ll stop with. 

Thank you for finding me (if I MADE you follow me then thanks for that as well) and hitting that follow button and blowing the numbers on this familia off the list. (I send awkward virtual hugs since I’ve hurt my shoulder.)

Also, huuuuge shout out to COMMUNITY POOL. Crazy good connections through that have been made and they’ve been ☝

Until our time meets again,


THANK YOU FOR A 100. It’s massive for me and I hope you get the whole ‘I’m so excited I could eat a camel’ vibe. Have a great day, you. :’)

41 Replies to “APPRECIATION POST. ”

  1. Congratulations on the 100 follows (I know I’m a bit too late.) Your posts don’t show up on my news feed. I guess I’ll have to check out your site every now then.. whatever, leave it.. Thank you for making us laugh with your style!! You own it gurl!!! 😀 😀 ❤


    1. Thank you so much!
      Good god, yes. In my last reply to you I wanted to ask if you were taking a break from writing but I figured I’d visit your site and check if you really were MIA. I don’t see a lot of your recent posts on my reader either maybe because I follow a lot of people and its super easy to overlook. I have a ton of stuff to read of yours tho. Good weekend. x)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah! It could’ve been overlooked. I’ll be consistently inconsistent to be honest, but taking a break isn’t in the cards. 😛 I guess you too will have to visit from time to time… XD
        Wish the same for you! 😀


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