A fail of a weekend in my life post. My ideal weekend would’ve had me sleeping for 14 hours straight but I wanted to change that. Like I’ve said before, I’d decided my weekends were going to be a little bit of a jazz but with me, screw the jazz. Sleep is enough jazz.

This weekend, if it wasn’t too obvious, was a complete bust. I did nothing worthy of a post. (If breathing and spending an entire day putting things away counted, then, 150 for Gryffindor.) Anyway, I did manage to do a little something (that definitely doesn’t seem interesting enough) and decided, I might as well keep this thing going. Because let’s be real for a second. I’m not going to be meeting the Queen of England for a spot of tea in her garden every single weekend. 

When you have seven mondays a week, it takes a little extra effort to think of something to do besides dreading the next day. So, this weekend was real gray and I low key apologize for not jumping out of a copter but I did something. Not too much but something. 

Leggo.(Total picture post because I managed to get something this time around and then I realized I had nothing in actuality. Sigh.)

That’s my best friend. That’s my best friend. That’s my best friend.

I got new shooooooes. Probably the best thing of the weekend. I’ve wanted a pair of these for The. Longest. Time.

​​​They had to make it in a post. They just had to. 

The only way I’d drink a can of water is if it’s through a mason jar. I got it two days ago and can’t stop drinking water. (Lowkey becoming a problem now.)

I know. I fell short of things to do. I wouldn’t say it was a bad weekend. I did shuffle my legs a little and even planned out a few things to do when I finally get some holidays. That’s progress!!!!

Until our time meets again,


Again, I apologize for the lack lustre of a weekend post. I’m letting myself off the hook for this one. (Yus.)

13 Replies to “WEEKEND IN MY LIFE #2”

  1. I feel you on this!
    I’m a big procrastinator and lazy person! I would last a day on something I decide and next day I’m the same Goddess of Laziness and Procrastination who wouldn’t do stuffs for her own good.
    I guess I’m on this planet to spread the message being lazy and a procrastinator is not a bad thing, it gives so much comfort and luxury. (so in coordination with what I write on my blog to motivate people to be hard working)
    Nevertheless, you will get going next weekend. I have a gut feeling on this one.

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