Oh, you’ll know when you see

She’s stronger than she’s ever been

Words as sharp as shaping tools

Eyes that reflect off her stone cold heart

She’s not the girl that once let a little spark burn her

Long gone are the days when she held your flame

She makes her own blazing fire now

She’s the light in every room she graces

She walks knowing she’s the sun to your mighty universe

No more does a well thought of jab toward her shake her 

It’s no more that she dances to the tunes of people who don’t matter

Look away as she burns all these bridges

A sly smile creeping behind engulfing flames,

You’ll know when you see

The girl you once knew,

She’s burning with that smile

She’s gone with everything she came with

Everything the world needed

Everything good and everything magical

She takes with her 

And the corners of her almond eyes

They wrinkle one last time as the girl you once knew

Smiles the warmest smile before she vanishes

Leaving behind what you feared

A new her with a cut diamond heart.

Until our time meets again,


Hey, you! Kudos on making it this far down. Have yourself a great day. 

22 Replies to “YOU ONCE KNEW.”

      1. Okay. Not that i am bugging you but since i commented to now…
        Curious to know your name? Remind me please may be i forgot it.
        I become Ghajini most of the time here 😄 – Cezane


          1. Hahahahahahah.
            Okay..Hi Anya, cute name.
            Im Cezane and Warmest of regards from Michelle.
            And.. your an amazing person,
            Lots of love from Psychedelic Bay.
            And.. yeah, i would be glad if us three can connect better via email hangouts, facebook in the near future. Keep rocking the blogosphere and spreading smiles! – Cezane

            Liked by 2 people

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