You know what’s coming at you!

*dancepartywithjammieson* I promised myself there’d be less freaking out and screaming this time around, and……. FAIL! Anyway, I got nominated for the ‘Black Cat, Blue Sea’ award by Ademola Olajumoke. Thanks, girl! I could’ve gotten this up a little earlier (could’ve) but I figured, this one is FOR those Sunday nights just before curfew because WHY NOT?!

I’d be following these rules and so will you (but if you’re a rebel then you won’t, I reckon) and so will the other’s you nominate (and if they’re rebellious too, then, damn! There goes any hope for Earth.)


  • Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.
  • Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.


  • When writing or drafting a blog post what message do you try to convey to your readers?

Presumably, each of my posts carry SOME message for my readers. I’m not very certain if what I have in mind comes across through my writing. (Except for when I put very obvious titles like ‘A day at the beach’. You know I’m trying to say, don’t wear your sandals while on the beach. Great pictures, not so great aftermath. Message delivered.) I try adding a little extra below just after signing off only because I want whoever that reads these posts to know, ‘I got you, boo. I got you. We’re in this together.’ If I ever come across snobbish while writing, that compensates for it. At least I’d like to believe it does. Point being, I try not to let a post hang on a depressing flat. Again, I like to believe that I either make people smile through my VERY pathetic sense of humor or I get them to believe “If this piece of poop could make it through, I can too.’ (Poop implying me.)


  • What is your main source of inspiration when writing a blog post?

Ho! Let’s talk about this. We must.

I either want to trash someone, not so subtly, through my posts or I just need to amuse myself. Posting for moi is like wanting to go make a pee-pee. When it comes, it comes. People in malls inspire me to go write on how pitiful shopping with parents can be (sometimes) so I come back and well,…. BAM! TYPES OF PEOPLE AT MALLS. If someone so much as comments anything that’s even mildly hurtful………BAM! *INSERTS DEEP ASS TITLES ON A NOT VERY WELL THOUGHT OF PIECE OF POETRY*. You see, like I said before, when it comes, it just comes. (I answered this one like a 2 year old would. No changing that now.)


  • What is your greatest strength and your gravest weakness?

Strength: You’ll never know when I’m hurting. BAM! *INSERTS DEEP ASS TITLES ON A NOT VERY WELL THOUGHT OF PIECE OF POETRY. (God dang it!)

For reals though, if it weren’t for writing, I wouldn’t have let anyone know if something was bothering me. (Except for those times I yell from atop my roof.) I’m not ‘virtuoso’ at conversing, which explains why I’d suck at explaining ANYTHING. This works for me because I don’t have to worry about people hitting me right where it hurts. (And I don’t mean this physically. God forbid.) NO, THANK YOU! I’ll just ache by myself and occasionally…….. BAM! *INSERTS DEEP ASS TITLES ON A NOT VERY WELL THOUGHT OF PIECE OF POETRY. (That was the last, I swear.)

Weakness: I have a weak knee. Does that count? Probably does but I also have an unhealthy addiction to pizzas. That’s a legitimate weakness, fo sure! Also, just between you and me……….. *whispers Kryptonite and flies away*



Anjali Soni

Sakshi Gour

Psychedelic Bay

Apeksha Rai





Questions I’d love to read answers to:

  • Why did you start blogging and how has it been so far?
  • Tough choice, I know but, which would you rather prefer- Reading or writing. Why? (5 marks.)
  • What’s your greatest strength and what’s your gravest weakness?


I hope you liked this. And I will see you on my next post. BE. THERE. YA. HEAR. ME. FAM?


Until our times meets again,




Thank you for reaching all the way till the bottom. I just noticed WordPress adds an approximation on the amount of time you’ll probably take to read a post (mind=blown). I know you’ll never get this time back but if you liked it, hey, that’s okay, right? Right. Have a great day!


8 Replies to “BLACK CAT, BLUE SEA AWARD…….”

  1. Thanku thanku thanku.. 😀
    It’s really a pleasure blogging beside you…
    With my answers in words really true..
    I’ll get back to you in a day or few..

    IDK why I wrote this.. 😛 hope you had the strength to bear this. You always make me laugh with your posts! Keep going. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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