Would you forgive yourself for being so hurtful

Related by blood and still so poisonous 

Would you live with the guilt of driving daggers into the heart

That aches for nothing but you to love it back

For all these years of knowing what we were

Did no memory of ours stop you from saying what you did

If you ever read what I wrote this day

I might have forgotten what brought you to uttering a curse

I might have moved past what we disagreed on

I might have tea with you that same evening and talk about old times

I might watch our kids playing at a distance together

I might re-arrange the flowers on your work desk

I might be the one scheduling your life for you

I might even be working for you

But through all of those times, 

Every time I see you there’ll be this blankness

You’ll know when you look me in the eye

When I was 18 and you 24, you destroyed a part of me

For that, I hope I can come to forgive you

I really hope I do

But tonight, we won’t be sharing anything

Like sisters usually do,

I won’t run to you to tell you what I couldn’t tell anyone else

And because we’ve burnt all of our bridges

I can’t tell you, even with you weeping right across from me

You destroyed a part of me.

Till I realize I ignited the fire that set you off

And till the pity greed clouds above me

You’d be at fault for only saying what was a mistake

In retaliation of what I said while being completely aware.

Until our time meets again, 

A writer.

P.S- I haven’t moved on from ‘A’. 

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