If you asked anyone how hard people pleasing was and how you’d go about it, there’d be answers you’d never expect, answers you’d never accept and answers that’d get you raising your brows. Here’s definitive proof, people are different and people who please others resolve to different methods of pleasing ‘people’. (I’ll never again use people or pleasing.)

If you asked me how hard people pleasing was, here’s what I’d tell. Here’s what I think I’d tell.

“If you succeeded, it’d be a stupefying. If you failed, there’s no other pain in the whole world that’d pass off as more excruciating than the pain of knowing, YOU FAILED AT BEING HUMAN.”

Isn’t that your purpose in life, being a human? Kiss ass or get your ass kissed until you die someday? It’s a circle of life, sire. Today, I’ll cater to your needs, tomorrow once you’re well rested, you’ll cater to the needs of someone higher than you. And those that have enough and more of what is needed, won’t have to oblige to anyone. But, he has a suffering of his own, don’t be fooled. No one accompanies him where he stands. That’s enough torment to kill the poor man’s soul”

If for a minute you thought being a teenager (I’m only 18 and have no idea what my 20th year and after will hold. For now, this is enough experience to continue.) was all fun and games, or you thought what everyone said about a pain-in-the-ass teenage life was only something teens said to justify themselves and their actions, you’ve never grown up. You’ve never had reality kick you in your balls and thrown a punch in your gut. You’ve never been a child with no worries who suddenly changed into a teen with responsibilities that might not seem remotely significant to others but to you, these were huge boulders you needed to carry. That’s not even the surprise. The bewilderment hits you right when you realize, no one prepared you for it. Just like no one prepared you to become a body with life.

Whose consent gave you life? Who was asked before you suddenly changed from an egg that was supposed to die, to an embryo that was celebrated on the outside of your mother’s womb until you became this whole human child from a mass of cells in a sac? Were you asked if you were ready? Were you asked if you could take what the world outside of your mother’s stretched belly skin offered?

We were. I’d like to believe we were. And since spiritualism is what roots me, I’d like to believe WE pleaded to be sent here. We gave consent to our lives. Actions leading to it were only a mere explanation to our consent with Him.

But, here’s what we didn’t consent on. We didn’t agree to growing up, learning the cream of all values and then succumbing to history as it repeats itself in ways of its own. Our forefathers slaved and our ancestors toiled till blood hit the grounds they worshipped. This was slavery in forms of physicality. What dooms us now is slavery, the most poisonous kind, that you cannot see. It binds you with the roughest twines and pulls back an inch every time you try to free yourself. This slavery when compared to the ones we’ve read about in books is far more malignant.

We slave to have someone appreciate our existence. We slave to be liked. We slave to be loved. We slave to be seen. We slave to be heard. We slave for a voice. We slave to express. And finally, we slave to have people do good to us. In return to what we did to them. (Fool!)

We slave to please.

“It’s gift that takes fantasies away.”

That’s what people pleasing is. It can make your life and break the fantasies of another or fuel the fantasies of another and push you into a lifetime of regret for choosing something that didn’t run hand in hand with what you saw yourself be.

The choices you make are not for you. You come with ties. These ties demand to be pleased and catered to and like the slaves that we’ve been, we worship these ties, all while burning down the castles in our head.

You either have a choice or choices to choose from. Whatever your case, DO IT FOR YOU. CHOOSE FOR YOU.


Until our time meets again,


Hope you have a great weekend. Let’s watch the Olympic finals from corners of the world. Yas!

15 Replies to “PEOPLE PLEASING.”

  1. Ms. Y.A.P. ROCK once again … well I’m not pleasing you 😛 Just telling the truth that I enjoyed reading this … and loved the thought …

    P.s. I’m confused whether I’m projecting myself as SLAVE by appreciating this 😂

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  2. We are subconsciously raised to please people and that’s what we become and continue the practice with our children as well.. Pleasing others and keeping ourselves stressed for the same is what we keep doing all our lives.. this is a sad and ironical truth..

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