Here’s to A*n*.

If I kept poisoning my mind

Into thinking I was alright and fine

I’d be doing more damage to myself

Than what meaningless, well thought of words do.

I’m giving up everynight, before the memories flood

Every night, before the words speak for themselves again

Every night, before pictures of happy become pure again

Every night before magic happens again, I’m preparing myself to forget.

Problem is, I still believe in a forever

I still believe in everything I see in the happiest pictures

I still believe I’m part of something precious.

Given no definitive proof of meaning 

I hang on till twines of glitter turn to feeble strands of burning fabric

Letting go, I believe, is harder than being let off

But, if you hear what my mind screams and see tearless sadness,

Comfort me and tell me this is what it takes to have everything I’d ever want

Convince me that the pain every night before bed is only a routine of life

Confide in me that your orange scented dreams arent a always, as well

Feed my soul with answers to why I need to doubt myself just like everyone else.

Lastly, make the memories of yesterday and the dreams of tomorrow

Last a little longer.
Until our time meets again, 


I’m definitely not nailing poetry. Ugh. 

14 Replies to “A*N* ”

  1. Yo Anya! What a fantastic piece of poetry girl 👏☺️

    Your level of maturity and depth of writing this one has really surprised me!

    That’s probably because I’m such a big fan of your superb sarcasm and wit; I didn’t expect this sort of poetry. (But then I forgot that I myself write poems despite the crazy levels of sarcasm lying within me 😂)

    Anyways, great work and now I expect to read more poems from you! 😀👍👍

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂 Oh Anya, don’t worry it was a heartfelt comment! You can be happy 😁👍👍

        (Just as a heads up, if I’m being sarcastic I would’ve used one of these two emoticons in the end 😛/😜)


  2. Ur dreams and reality will def show u ur path all takes times we all try but things will happen only if u dream and have faith be patient yet prepared


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