Hey hey! Its been a while that I’ve sat down with complete determination to make a good comeback. I haven’t been gone entirely but then again, it’s hardly fair to say I was here a 100 percent. Nuh. 

I have not a clue on how to jumpStart my little precious but deciding to change a few things around is definitely more of a deal than not doing anything at all. Hell, that’s half the progress we’re talking about. (I’m proud, at least.)

Playing around with: 

1) Layout.

Is it possible to be so out of your head that you don’t remember what your own site looks like and how long ago it was that you actually felt proud of the content on it? Coming from me, it most definitely is. I’ve been slacking like no other on most posts, and to make matters a little more tougher, some are just down right depressing when I go back and read them again. (I read my own posts because I can’t get enough of myself. There, I said it.) Since I’m lowkey too proud to take down anything I’ve written this far (IT’S NOT EASY WRITING, YA KNOW?) the only best way to spice things up is to make the aesthetics pleasing. Like whoever said, it’s all about pleasing the eyes. (I’d like to believe someone actually said that.) 

2) Timing. 

Waiting for inspiration has proved to be such a fail and kicked me in the shin. So, quick life lesson, don’t wait for inspiration, hunt the little sucker down. (Now that, my other baby otters, is something I’m sure someone already said because this mind simply doesn’t come up with fancy stuff of that kind.) That being said, I’m going to be posting on particular days/day now. (I haven’t fully figured how often I’ll be posting but once a week is a minimum.) Like the utter professional knowing exactly what she’s doing, I’m just going to say “I’ll let you know the details soon.” (And I will.)
3) Content.

If you’ve stuck around long enough, (Praise be to God if you’ve still hung around. You da real MVP.) you know for one, I have serious content issues. You see, the underlying problem here is not that I can’t write. (As much as people who can’t stand the sight of me would like to object, I’m only being honest.Understandable or not, writing is never the problem.) It’s always a war between doing something new that I want to try versus doing something I’ve always done. Being the person that I am, I like to keep the ball put in my court rather than bounce it all over the other side. But, pushing boundaries are suddenly a 2016 thing so, I might as well jump on the bandwagon. 

So, if there’s anything you think I could do besides talking about art, I’m game. 

Until our time meets again, 


As much as I’ve been tied up with, um, stuff, it’s been uplifting to see communication just as alive as it was during after the birth of my precious. I thought you guys deserved the heads up. Have a great day/whatever part of the day you’ve got going. (I’m finally beginning to acknowledge the fact that we’ve gone international now. Yasss.) Cheers. 

5 Replies to “SIGNING IN, AGAIN.”

  1. Good to hear your planning to post more often Anya! 😀👍👍

    Your sarcasm and wit is always a pleasure to read. And I think that you could write about anything under the sun! So go ahead and experiment, I would certainly love to read whatever it is you decide to write.

    Cya around! Cheers 😉👍

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  2. There you go, I haven’t been very active myself, because “stuff”. But I won’t skip this chance to finally start socializing again on the blogosphere, other than my blog, of course.
    But yeah woman, all your posts are as relatable as Superwoman and Conor Franta Collabs!! SO just take that pen in your hand! (pwese?!)
    Love you, hope to see you around more often 😉
    The Word Warrior!
    (Y) Best Luck

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