Through first period, you’re watching her

Through eyes the size of slits, there’s only awe filling them

She raises her voice to be heard amongst the rowdiest crowd

And you lean back, fold your arms across your chest

With your crooked smile, you know you’re silently intimidating her

For the tiniest portion of a second, her eyes flicker to meet yours

Without a filter and no sense you understanding, a wink escapes your twinkling eyes

A deep crimson blush creeps up and lights up her breathtakingly beautiful round face

You notice her voice is quivering and the beads of sweat on her forehead reflecting off light

She stands there godless-like and taking command

Her voice raises once again in an attempt to silence time

If you weren’t trying to catch her every move,

She would’ve escaped with that little peek at you

Should you look away before her brow creases down further

She’s either suddenly thoughtful or thrown off by your staring

Still unsure if you’ve over stepped your line, you look down at your book

One last peep wouldn’t hurt, you think

Your bestfreind still where she was, her face now skeptical as she studies yours 

With big brown questioning eyes like hers, 

There’s only one thing thats going in circles in your mind

“Does she know?”


Since I can’t write over the top ‘mushy’ stuff, I thought I’d do it again! It’s always fun to make up stories in your head however absurd they are and seeing that I’ve committed to being on here a lot more often, I figured I’d give these otherwise redundant stories a solid form. If you’re ever interested in knowing what the perks of being single are, hit me up. I’ve got it all down. *criesinwardly*. Have a great day. x)

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