It must be easy to drop glass

Watch it shatter and think

‘There’s nothing I can do now.’

No. There is nothing you can do

Not now not ever

Once you’ve broken something so fragile

You have no right to think

If only you had been careful

You weren’t. You were not careful

When you held it and didn’t care.

If you did know just how easy it’d break

You wouldn’t have played

You wouldn’t have not stopped to think

It’s as good as deadly knives when it breaks

And it’ll remain only as beautiful

Till the day you decide it’s not worth the hassle

No thing as dainty wrecks itself

It’s only subject to careless conduct.


There’s nothing that won’t come back

Nothing that won’t come back to life

Little do you know that the same pieces

Every one of them are dynamites

Each of them loaded

If nothing ever floored  you

And still disturbed you,

Watch each of these little diamond

Sparkling daggers drain you wholly

Every bit of scary that made glass so beautiful

Is the very thing that’ll tug till you rip

Rip at the edges and slowly realize

Just how painful it is

Just how painful being let go off is.

Glass is fancy, sire

So is fire

What made you think

That the very fire that made glass

Didn’t make it ruthless enough

To destroy everything that crushes it.

It’s a friendship as old as the hills.

A friendship as deathly as dirks.

Do not drop me, my dear unsuspecting.

It is not I who’ll hurt.


Until our time meets again,


Off game. OFF GAME! In my defense, I got a post up even before the week is done. I’ve been slacking on life and rejuvenation is a far cry right now. It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a poem-ish post and between you and me, I’m not in the best writing head space rn so I’m going to quit apologizing and do something about it, of course but before anything I needed to vent and this does it. But, I hope you’ve had a great weekend or something super amazing is happening to you. If not, hold on. The sun’s coming up again tomorrow. New shit to hit in the throat.

Have a great day. x)

LAST WEEK: BEAUTY AND BEASTY| 01 [Every other Wednesdays are episode days just to keep me sane and in track.]

Come peep into my otherwise boring everyday while I’m not on here. Instagram: anyaabraham_


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