Have you ever lived in your own bubble of falsely written fantasies in your head and for a minute almost feel like you’re something else? It’s the closest thing we have to reality – these false scenarios that we make up, just to feel better about how everything went down. It does work, for those of you who ask. This toxic relationship you have between the you that you actually are and the pretentious you. It’s all great until this bubble, this impenetrable bubble that you’re cocooned in is no more one that can burst. Over time, you’ve raised walls made of iron, indestructible and inaccessible to the real world. And although what goes on inside this little room filled with swiveling magical thoughts is what you’ve let your mind believe is true and trick yourself into accepting that that is what makes you happy, there are things in the real world that’ve replaced your very existence. As sad as it sounds, you’ve trapped yourself not in your happy bubble that was supposed to burst a long time ago and expose you to reality, but in confines of your own imagination that you let run wild. Now look at you, missing chances of making those dreams of yours come true. Missing out on people you could’ve held on to. Missing out on things that were meant for you. All for a second of momentary bliss while you imagined how life would be, being someone else and something you weren’t. So tell me………… How often do you escape into these poisonous dreams of yours? How often do you stay before you return to your not wholly satisfying but a very truthful life? Or tell me……….. Have you let your dreaming trap you entirely?




It was the previous year when I last wrote. (This joke is as stale as 2016 but it’s still funny. To me.) I would normally come up with an excuse to why I was MIA for a hot second on here but again, that **** is soooooo 2016 me. I needed a break. Yep, your girl needed a break from being inconsistent so she can be …… inconsisterrr. I first started this blog being funny. (Uh huh, still got it!) and that did better than when I decided to change routes and go haywire on here with ….. let’s not go there. I’m almost at my one year blogversary (Keshti-on, is this an actual thing?) which is craaaaaazy. This is the first time I’ve ever stuck on to something for as long as a full entire year. (*laughter* I told you I’ve got my humor coming back and at you in full force. I TOLD YOU.) *drum roll* Wednesdays are no longer going to be posting days because we alllllll know how that went down. (Sniffles.)  I’m going to take this in its stride. Blogging is not cherries and cream on top. My bad. Cream and cherries on top. Peaches and cream on to…..? Oh, what the hell. Although I enjoy writing, (typing) I have a writer’s block (Writer’s. Pfft. Writer’s! Right.) more often than not. And I’m going to embrace that and not bullshit my way through 2017 like I did last year. (2016 was last year. Oh sweet baby Jesus of Nazareth. I can’t make the “I’m 18” jokes much longer. Your girl is old.)

If you’re new on here, HEY! Stick around because two weeks from now, I’ll be back with a full apology letter explaining why I didn’t “write”, AGAIN! If you’ve stuck around from the beginning of time, you’re the real OG and I would chest bump you if I ever met you. (That’d be so awesome and SO AWKWARD. I LOVE IT!)

My previous post from last year (*snickers* This is still somehow funny to me. I realize it’s only to me, again.) is here.

I’m currently obsessed with the heavens, so if you’re into sky pictures, follow me on Instagram. (Do you see how subtle that shoutout was? Haha, yeah, I’m borderline desperate to be famous. Haha. Ha.)

Love, laughter and bouncy balls,

Anya. (That’s what A stood for the whole of last year and not for the creep I was being.)


    1. Hey! Thank you so much! It’s always good to come back to super uplifting comments like yours.
      I’m heading over there right away!
      And as for the Strix, pleease do count me in. I’m sorry I bailed the last time. But I’m back for good this time.
      Happy new year xD I hope you have an amazing one filled with love and happiness!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 2 weeks hiatus again.
    Though I am kind of new to your blog, but I already like your writing. 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your posts. Also, write when you feel like writing, no pressure.
    Take care and keep writing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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