Before you say (think) anything, it’s a massive deal, okay?! Okay. Now that aside, I hit my FIRST EVER BLOGIVERSARY! Cue heavy breathing and knocking over things. It’s been a whole entire year since I decided, “Yo! You know what would be fancy? Having a site of your own. Creating matter of your own. Wholly handling EVERYTHING on your own.” And to have been gutsy enough to go ahead and do something so completely out of the blue with only a couple of minutes of thought going into it, not even choosing to really weighing the pros and cons of dedicating myself to a site with my name on it, so very publicly, I decided to start this blog. While it has been a quick year, the past year, starting a blog has to be something I take huge pride in. Here’s a little insight to what has been an impressive ride on here.


  • Humble beginnings– When I say humble, I properly mean humble. I sat with three views on two posts for over a month and a half. Did it really matter that I had only three views on my initial two posts? Not to me it didn’t. I knew no one on here or anywhere else in the world who would even be remotely bothered to read anything I have to say. So, it was contentment in its true form when I saw there were three views.
  • Acquaintances- Between my first post and the first ever ‘traffic’ I had on my site, I was not all too into the whole blogging idea. After I got a couple of my friends to come check out my site (Huge shout out to Sam and Shini, who’ve had sites on here but discontinued to blog frequently all together.) and tell me what they think, I was certain of sticking to blogging. These were the first of the few people that checked my site out after I had told them. And boy, am I glad I told them.
  • Community pool– A little while after I had convinced my friends how much of a liberation writing was, seeing that they too wanted to be a part of the community I was slowly being accepted into, the three of us began going to ends to put our site out there. I, being the most ‘experienced’ out of the three, thanks to my numerous attempts of keeping a blog that I always forgot a password of (I suck on serious levels at password remembering. Actually, just remembering anything important.) I found a place I could showcase what I wrote. The community pool has since been my second home on the internet, first being my site (If you didn’t figure that out…er.) A massive THANK YOU to whoever found their way to this site through the community pool. You hold a special place in my heart. (For real.)
  • Inspiration– I followed as many bloggers as I possibly could and OH MY LORD CAN WE TAKE A SECOND TO APPRECIATE THE MAD TALENT YOU GUYS HAVE IN YOU. Seeing that there were so many people committed to making it huge, something I definitely wasn’t so invested in, it drove me to actually pay attention to detail. (Majorly failing at times too.) THANKS, Y’ALL.
  • Battles with writer’s blocks– YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW I’d put this on here. It’s not a fancy thing but it’s real, I swear. But I’m not going to acknowledge the fact it attacked me a couple of days every week. (Usually seven times a week, ya feel?)
  • 2017- It’s been 5 weeks and I’ve had four posts up! Who’s proud of me?! No? Okay. Moving on……… I’ve made it this far! I’ve stuck on to something for as long as a year, (If not religiously as I’d like to, gimme props for atleast half trying.) and considering I never do things like so, I need to break into a dance to remind myself we’ve made it! We hit our first blogiversary!!!!!!!!!
  • What’s to come- Lord, would I love to know. But here’s I thought I’ve been having. We’re so very close to hitting 200 followers and this has been going on in my head for a bit now and I decided I’d just wait until maybe ……….. NEVERMIND! I’M GETTING A TWITTER FOR ‘YOUR AVERAGE PEAHEAD’. I know. It’s not even that big a deal, Anya. But here’s the thing. I’ve never really had a twitter account to myself (Thanks again to the 100 accounts I’ve forgotten the passwords too.) and figured I’d just have one for our site. That’s one other platform I can *cough* disappoint you *cough* connect with you and I DON’T KNOW! If you’ve been using twitter for a while (or haven’t), let me know if it’s really worth the hassle or if I should just let the idea drop. I’d love to connect more than the usual once-a-week-under-a-post connecting.

Also, any other thoughts and opinions and comments are welcome too xD. Thank you for riding with me since however long you’ve known me! You da real MVP my old old OGs.


Follow me on the GRAM if you want to know how Your Average Peahead actually looks like. (The face is a little nasty, sometimes. At times. Usually.)

Until our time meets again,

Love, laughter and bouncy balls,



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