If there’s anything you have to know about me is, I like to procrastinate a lot and would rather do anything else than what I’m supposed to do. The other thing being, I’m ‘unattached’. (Aka single like a pringle –so original, Anya.) Last year around the same time I put up a post about Valentine’s day and although it is the 15th in India, it’s the 14th in places besides here so now you know why I had to state the two things you had to know about me. So subtle. Jeez.

Since my opinions on people really matter, here are some of the thoughts I have on Valentine’s day. (Quick note- It’s gonna get naaaaasty.)


  • ‘Gosh, you’re obnoxious’:


See, these are the kind of people I would like to think have no sense of privacy(Or just no sense at all. Whatever fits.) or just want to rub their relationships in all its lovey doveyness in everyone’s faces. But here’s what I particularly think these monsters do. They aim at all the miserable people who are alone on valentine’s day. I mean, the only reason you want to put up pictures of everything you got on valentine’s day like a puppy, a phone, a full entire house or like a country or even a star in your name is just to target people who don’t have over the top sort of a relationship.

Sure, it’s really sweet to have someone get you stuff but really though, do we need the details? I think not. But you do you, boo. You do you. You is still nasty.

  • ‘Really? Seriously, really?’:


Transition to earlier this morning: Snapchat- opens a single boy’s snap- snaps a chair and adds “My valentine. Never gives way”.

I will personally come and hit you in the throat. (I swear, I’m a nice person on Tuesdays and Fridays.). We know! We know you’ve been livin’ life being a loner but are you really that desperate? These are classes of people you should stay away from. If they treat inanimate objects with as much love that a person should be having, we know exactly what the problem is here. There’s a reason no one’s twining their fingers in yours and giving little pecks on your cheeks. Yes, the problem is you. But, thaz none of my business. (Totally is!)

  • ‘YES! They went out!’:



*insert dance number* Do you just ever keep tabs on the cutest couple in your area? No? Just me? Gosh dang it. In my defense, I’m rooting for this couple. They compliment each other so well, it restores my faith in love. (Ya know?) I want to know everything they do. I want to go through the torture of third wheeling but inconspicuously, lemme add. Everytime they post a picture together I cant help but smile knowing they’e been together. Typing this out makes me feel like a creep but really, it makes me happy seeing two wonderful people being together. (FYI I weird myself out too. More often than not. You’re not alone.)

  • ‘Here we go with the soul connection again.’:

roll-eyesNow this group of people are the ones that go around town picking up partners like its nothing. And to make matters slightly confusing to the ones keeping tabs on them (Me.) EVERY SINGLE PERSON they’ve been with are always their ‘SOUL MATES’. Yep, every 1600 of them have soul connections with this one single person. Quick question- How does name remembering work ? With the amount of people they’ve been with, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the wrong name. I’d love to hear a not so neat save. It is what I live for, really.


So there you have it. Deep down it’s all still love. Valentine’s day is stressful (IT IS!) and what better way of letting off steam than to go and trash it outright while still being hypocritical and loving everything about the day. It’s love, all round, I say. It’s all love. Happy Valentine’s day. I hope you have a great day! xD



Instagram: Anya Abraham


Love, laughter and bouncy balls,


8 Replies to “THOUGHTS ON V-DAY.”

  1. I’m guessing from your post that you’re single?
    Well if so i guess you can mention about the weird cosplay things people (love birds) do on this day? costumes that only the two partners know the #essence of .. but yet expect the whole world to understand?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha that’s the only way I can get away with posts against Valentine’s day! xD
    Oh my god! The matching costumes really should make it to the obnoxious people list. Even if the outfit makes sense, the whole idea of matching like you’re twins (siblings) is just not cool! But thaz none of our business! LOL! (Totally is)


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