Between not writing at all and writing about my recent fan girling bout, I thought ‘YOU KNOW WHAT?! Screw it! I’m going to embrace this. Something for the books.” I recently stumbled on this boy group from Australia called *drum rolls* ‘5 seconds of summer’ (Yep, I’ve lived under a rock all this while.) But in my defense, I’m still a teenager so I rightfully fit the ‘Typical teenage fangirl’ stereotype I am so against. But, I’m not even close to being bothered about fighting that because in other important news, WE GOT THEM BOYS!! Getting introduced to them is in itself a story I cannot say because A) I suck at story telling. B) My method of discovery is embarrassing. (WE ARE NOT GOING THERE, WE ARE NOT!) C) Moving on. I’m not the organic fan girl, let me add. I don’t have posters of them, nor do I cry that I can never meet them, nor do I have jiggly feelings in my tummy when I see them laugh or bite their lip…….. OKAY! I AM ALL OF THEM, ALRIGHT? JESUS.

Here’s a journey of a fangirl who after a hiatus of almost seven years before which was just another crazy person who lived for Twilight, is back again at square one, going through it all over again. (HahahahaahIHAVENOLIFEhahahahahaah)


  • Finding the group. Picking your favorite person. (Aka ‘Whose lane you on, Bih?)

‘He always bites his lip and plays with the ring on it,’ NEED I SAY MORE? There were descriptions of the boys and above the whole little write-up, a big poster of four average (Not so average after a bit) looking boys with their hands over each other. I searched for the one that had the lip ring and there he was, biting down hard on the right side of his lip. I hadn’t been dragged into my personal hell just yet. (Just yet) I googled the guy Luke Hemmings (Yep, the lip ring guy.) and after reading he was 6’4” (*heavy breathing*) and the tallest in the group and WAIT! WAIT! ……….. THE YOUNGEST, your girl fell head first. Yas I find you très impressionnant!!!!!!!


  • Seven hundred hours of intensive research.

After you find the guy, which is the easiest of all the steps, you drown yourself in major researching. (The fastness in finding things shocks YOU. I swear stalking is like inbuilt or something in girls.) You don’t rest until you find everything about him from his highschool teacher to what year his great grandparents got married. You need to know EVERYTHING about the guy. And while you’re at it, you jump on YouTube and watch every possible interviews he’s in. The funny moments he has. (Because sense of humor is key.) All his laugh compilations (Because you’re a creep that likes looking at this unicorn laugh.) and every possible thing you can find about him on the internet. (Because….. well, because you’re crazy.) And THAT, folks, is where you’ve really gone and done it. There is no backing out now. You’ve found your man.


  • Wallpapers and posters and social media following.

Once you’re sure there is nothing more that you can possibly learn about him, it takes you less than 3 seconds to go on all his social medias, like the crap out of every post, take screenshots of the best pictures he has (Meaning: screenshotting every single picture of his because he is perfection.) Just to get you addicted a tad bit more to your phones, you go and set his sweaty, red faced from playing songs over and over again on tour, as your wallpaper. Note, when you finally set your wallpaper and print out a couple of pictures for your journal, you’ve officially made it into the Fangirl Community. (Welcome to the world of ‘It’s never going to happen’. Clap for yourself pls.) The wallpaper was the last time you could ever even think of having second thoughts. Lemme break it down: you’re in too deep.


  • Bookmarking every social media of his and constantly being on one of his pages.

It is of dire necessity that you know exactly what he’s doing at all times of the day, just so you know he’s a real human and not something out of your imagination. Every tweet of his, you jump at the notification. Every picture he posts has you first checking where he is, who he’s with and what he’s doing there. The speed at which you like the picture wholly depends on whether he’s with a girl or not. A group of girls isn’t as treacherous as being around a single girl is. God forbid you saw a fresh new video of his thanks to Instagram’s not so new (And not so original) stories update. If he posts a video of him working out, all sweaty and hot, it’s a possibility you’ve just shit your pants.




  • Letting the entire world know you’ve jumped off the tangent.

You send countless pictures of him to LITERALLY everyone you know, just so they know you have impeccable taste because your celeb crush is a walking perfection (Halloo, duh?) You share videos of him doing silly things just to let them know he’s one of the goofiest little munchkin and yours is a match made in heaven because you yourself can’t walk two feet without falling on your butt. Then you send random little facts because ……… GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, PEOPLE. A little extra information never killed anyone.



Most importantly, you’ve turned into a HAM sandwich (Aka a hot ass mess). Congratulations, you’re royally screwed from here on forward. You’ll be having slight breathing problems when you look at anything with his face on it, nothing too major. You’ll survive. But for the most part, please make yourself at home with your embarrassing imagination of the two of you together and hope to God you don’t talk in your sleep because ……….. Yeah!


I hope you guys have a great day!! xD


Until our time meets again,


(Sorry, but I’m bringing back ‘A’ again. It just creates a false mysterious illusion, ya know?  Sorry, it just has to happen. I like drama.)



Instagram: Anya Abraham


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