It’s tag season y’all. (Breaks into a dance because this is so much fun.)

Quick shout out to Sheetal from THE GLITTERS OF LIFE for tagging me. If you don’t follow her, erm, why? I haven’t been her oldest follower, but the few days that I have been, I’m convinced I hit jackpot. Pop on over to her site to read her tag. (Link’s below.) Also, while you’re at it, show her some love. xD



  • Name three things you’re thankful for.
  • Tag fellow bloggers to carry this forward.
  • Create a logo of your own for the tag.


Things I’m thankful for:

  • Jesus: Yep, I said it. I’m not the most spiritual person that’s ever lived but I’m spiritual enough to believe he’s got my back. Also, SURPRISE!! I’m Christian. I’m far from ashamed to tell anyone that I’m not atheist like the trend is these days. My ass has been on the line so many times before and believing he has it under control has me going forward. So there,I’m thankful for God. Super thankful.
  • Familia: Although my parents belong to the stone age, they are some of the fanciest people I know. Scratch that. They are the fanciest people I know with the classiest taste in books. (Extra points for that.) My sister, (A right Royal pain in the ass.) is far from human and more of a hobbit of sorts but she foots my pizza bills and fuels my burger needs. You can’t not be thankful for humans like so. My Nani (Granny) is just an all round boss at everything she does.

Also fitting into familia, are the bunch of gorillas I’ve been friends with. Besides the fact that they love me, they’re more than okay with turning my space upside down in less than two blinks of an eye. Such comfort comes from family and family only.

  • Health: See, I don’t have the healthiest body and I have my flab to back me up on this but I can run a super good distance before I fall flat on my front. And if that’s not healthy, your idea of healthy is tainted, sorry. I can walk to get what I want and boy am I thankful for that. I can see people eating my food. (Thank you, Jesus.) I can hear my father’s hopeless bathroom concerts. Amongst other important things, I’m specially thankful for these. It’s the idea of being able to go about by myself that I’m really grateful for.


Bending rules has been key since day one. Here’s few pacific mentions that need to be made.

  1. I’m thankful for pizza and burgers. (Whoever made these, bless you and your family.)
  2. I’m thankful for music.
  3. I’m thankful for books. (And Enid Blyton for the bombest snack ideas.)
  4. I’m thankful for my very applaudable taste in drinks. (I take immense pride in this.)
  5. I’m thankful for YOU! Not having a place to pour the chaos in my head would’ve killed me sooner or later. So thank you for pushing Your Average Peahead all this way and getting her past 200 followers!!!! WE ACTUALLY DID IT! I hit 200 two days ago and OH MY GOD! Of course it wasn’t yesterday that I hit 100 so it’s been a long ride to get here. Thank you so much to everyone that hit that follow button. (My mind is blown that it has been hit 200 times.) If I could hand out pizzas, you know I would but that’s something I can’t pull off. (Such a travesty.) I thought about the lactose intolerant people and so you’d get cheeseless huuge juicy burgers. (Cheeseless pizzas are not a thing. Sorry.) If you’re watching your weight, I have salad for you. Nevertheless, thanks for joining in on the party.


I tag the following few people to do this if you’d like. If you haven’t been tagged, you’re still part of the family and can go ahead and do this!

Expression of a Serenity Lover

Purple Room Healing

Rake Poetry

Voice of a Thoughtful Mind

Blend of Sentiments

Glimpses of my Life

The Caged Bird Sings

Sparky Jen

I tried thinking of a logo for the tag and I ended up with something a one month old could do. I’m not even sorry because this is a kid that took up music instead of arts so give me props for atleast trying.

Until our time meets again,






  1. Mahn! You are damn funny! This post was loaded with humor aimed to make the reader go ROFL. 😀 Loved every bit of it. And congrats on *double century*. Wishing that you make a similar century in your life too (Gives a naughty wink. 😉 ) Much Love. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anya, it is so lovely to meet you. Glad you found me on my one year anniversary. That makes it all the more special to me (really). 🙂 I LOVE this blog post. Followed you on Instagram (my name is Debbiegrace there).

    I’m grateful for:
    1 – having a new two-month program, Making Peace with Yourself. It fills me up inside to share experiences regarding forgiveness!

    2 – Jesus. OK there I said it too. I experience Jesus inside as a consciousness of acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Working on living as aware of these qualities as possible.

    3 – My breath. It’s a way for me to come present and to allow love to guide me.

    Have a wonderful day, and blessings,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are some really amazing things to be grateful for. X)
      It was lovely going through your site as well. xD Just followed back on Instagram as well and thank you so very much for dropping by. I really appreciate it. Have a great day, Debbie …. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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