How massive of a turn did the almost diminishing (Mostly completely gone.) Twilight fan girl in me just take? It’s been a hot second since I remember losing my shit over the books. The little unusual, completely impossible in actual times romance that built between a vampire and a human completely pushed me off the edge. Since I live in my head mostly (LITERALLY ALL THE TIME.) fangirling over the one other thing besides Harry Potter that seemed so much saner than shifting stairs and talking portraits and grand dining was Twilight. Now that I’m over that phase (Something I take immense pride in because I’ve realized that although the books were in a way fascinating, the movies were a load of camel shit. Don’t fight me on this.) I can begin brooding over something fictional again, to destroy any social life I might have. 

Gotta quickly address the elephant in the room because I’ve notoriously kept up a rapport of pulling things waaaaaay more than is necessary. I never get to the point and this is me diving head first in. I’ve switched over. I’m now convinced Harry Potter was the one thing that I missed out on. It’s a tragedy but it’s never too late to fall in love with books. 

Last week, very presumptuous of me, I took a major swipe at Hermione thinking it was okay because my ‘loyalties don’t lie’ with the series. (A minor one. I like to dramatise.) And a week from then, I’ve found everything I’ve been looking for in the same exact fandom that I previously trashed. 

I read a post when Alan Rickman died about how his character turned out to be everything everyone believed he was not. Ever since then, the dark and sinister cuckoo looking Master of Potions that had stuck somewhere in my head since the first time I saw him and decided this series wasn’t my cup of tea, has turned over to someone I wish had never died. And that’s a lot coming from a person who never liked, let me rephrase that, DETESTED the super confusing storyline. 

I might’ve warmed up to the idea of picking up the first book way back when I read that but never got to the actual task of finding the book. If it presented itself in front of me, I’d maybe give it a look, I thought slyly putting it off because who in their right mind would even expect a book to present itself? (Me, duh!) Anyway, fast forward from then to a few days back when Chamber Of Secrets played on TV. I could’ve watched a billion other things on TV like I usually do when having lunch because if I have nothing to concentrate on while chewing food, it never feels like a meal. (I’m not even making this up.) I decided nothing was worth watching and picked the first tolerable thing I could find. (At this point I needed to start lunch. It was a good lunch and I hated not having anything to watch to enjoy it with. But you gotta go what you gotta do.) It’s not an unusual thing but its certainly not a super common thing for me to sit with my hand covered with food that was drying around my fingers and my empty plate balanced between my thighs. I sat for what felt like half of the movie maybe before I decided I was no longer all that interested in the movie. This is the point where I remember watching the same movie years ago with my sister who is probably the biggest HP fanatic out of the rest of us. I remember the monster in the chamber and the voice and whispering and decided against the idea of sitting and watching it again. 

Fast forward to Sunday (Yesterday). While my mom oiled my hair, again I needed something to concentrate on instead of my Mumma’s weekly head massage (Which usually gives me a teeny headache right after, defeating the purpose of a massage but heck, it feels good during anyways.) 

I watched the whole entire movie of Deathly Hallows part two. In one sitting without missing a whole lot which usually never happens because I walk off midway to get something and forget I was watching anything. But, I did the impossible and all for a movie based off the books I never liked. 

This is a big thing, for anyone that doesn’t get the unnecessary hype about my recent obsession. Harry Potter and Anya never go together. Or so I thought until last week. I was dragged deeper into this after reading the first book which isnt at all like I pictured it. What I thought might be confusing writing (I don’t know how I came up with that when ten year olds have been reading this.) was far from incomprehendible and so much more lighter than the movies were. (You thought I’d go a whole post without criticizing something? Pity.) 

Although the movies aren’t as grand as the books were, there’s only so much you can do to try and match the crazy and the extremely detailed imagination Rowling had when she wrote it. 

I got through a whole book in eight hours, a record I’m very proud of because under the given circumstances (Those being that I can’t be thinking of finishing an entire novel in one day. What is self control?) I managed to finish My First Ever Harry Potter book. 

I’ve hopped on the Nimbus 2000 and can’t wait to fall deeper in love with something I never wanted to like. 

Also, something Dumbledore said might’ve had to do with my opening up to the idea. This lit a full haystack on fire somewhere in my mind and since stringing words together for a post is something we do on here, I figured you’d like it too, maybe? 

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

I mean, COME ON! Who even comes up with stuff like that? (Rowling, duh!) This was probably my undoing. A certain way into the second book, I can’t wait to know everything there is to be known. 

PS: Yes, I’m so so late with reading these books but at least I started? Cut me some slack for starting somewhere, however long it took me. 

Pps: I have my birthday in exactly two months. I’ll be expecting an owl with my whole Harry Potter collectors edition books. Thenks. (Don’t say I never asked what I wanted.) 

Ppps: I printed out my very own Hogwarts letter, complete with a seal. Even though I’m just a day into this, I’m not planning on putting off the very thing everyone’s ever wanted. 

Until our time meets again,






  1. Ha! I remember when I first read HP I did the same thing and read the whole book in a day. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Be careful…the books get longer and longer so that becomes harder to do as you read through the series!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You could try!! πŸ˜€

        Or maybe try one each weekend so you have something to look forward to. If your reading spills into the next week, you’ll just have more to enjoy.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m just getting started. It’d hardly be fair to call me that as opposed to people who’ve spent an eternity falling in love with the series.
      The feeling is same though. I don’t think its as extreme as regretting it all life long but I do wish I had at least given it a go before.

      Liked by 1 person

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