Here’s hoping I get paid decently for doing this.

Fun fact: my sister’s that weird person that collects literally anything she sees. (No, I swear.) I’ve never fully understood how collecting matchboxs and feathers (Amongst other things) will ever help apart from burning down an ex’s ego or something but to each his own right? (Let’s just for a second touch on the fact she’s extremely allergic to both of those. Now that we know she’s a little crazy in the head, let’s move on.) On a serious note, not so surprisingly, she’s very much (A little too obnoxiously) into numismatics and philately. If anyone, also interested in currency hoarding, likes to strike up a conversation with her or exchange currency or barter (?) or even just want to show off to her and rile her up, I’ll leave her links down below. Hit her up! (If she hunts you down and spears you in the middle of your sleep and no one ever finds your collection………..)

It’s not easy living with her, alright? I reckon it’s not easy being her friend either because she will drive you up the wall if she ever comes to hear you’ve been to a place she’s never been and there’s a chance she can grab a few notes and coins here and there from you. But, ever since I heard that half of her collection can pay for three of my weddings (I’m a simple woman.) I’ve been sucked into this little (Little by actual definition because she’s tiny. Miniature, if you may.) world of hers. In my defense, it’s taken such a lot of self control to not spend all the Indian currency she has. (Slow claps to myself.)

Anyway, here are a few of the currencies she’s been collecting over the past 15 years. I believe she has a few extra currencies which if you’re willing to trade with her with a few of your own (It’s got to be a win-win here, okay?) she’d gladly hand pack your package and seal it with a kiss. I kid you not.

The following pictures include currencies she’s willing to trade while some are just on here  for aesthetics, ya feel? But if you’re feeling nice, she’d gladly accept currency you’d like to provide to her collection even if you don’t collect any yourself and trading your currency with ones she’s willing to give may mean nothing to you.

A few of her world currencies she stole from people.
Notes you can dunk in water without a problem aka polymer notes aka the next big thing.
She’ll give you one of these if you give her a bag of yours. Fair trade.
Pre monetization notes (Raghuram Rajan, Governor 2013-2016) AND post monetization currencies. FUN FACT: She collects Indian currencies according to the Governors so anyone with a note having Manmohan Singh’s signature (Governor 1982-1985) and willing to trade please drop her a message or contact her.
Since she’s currently residing in China for the next year and a half, anyone in need of Chinese currency, let her/me know.

Side note: someone please help me with my writer’s block. The struggle is real.

Until our time meets again,


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4 Replies to “MY THREE WEDDINGS – TOTAL CLICKBAIT! (Includes numismatics)”

  1. Writer’s block, like anything, is different for different people, so my tips for pushing past writer’s block may or may not work for you.

    One thing you can do is not do anything. Simply take writer’s block as a message from the universe that you need a vacation from writing, and take the vacation. Do whatever you want to do, but don’t write, and wait for inspiration to strike. That’s the universe telling you that it’s okay to write again.

    A second thing you can try is using writer’s block as inspiration for writing. You can write about how much you don’t know what to write. Maybe, as a way to express your feelings, you could create a character who has writer’s block and write about the many ways that character is dealing with it or trying to get past it.

    A third thing you can do is take inspiration from the people around you. Write a fictional character who’s based on a real person. This post is a nice example of writing about a real person, but what would a fictional person who displayed the same characteristics be like? If you wanted, you can have that character sitting a room with another character who either voices their encouragement or displeasure for that first character’s behavior.

    Something I do is write about incidents that occur in my life, but instead of writing them as they actually occurred from my side of things, I write the incident to happen in a way that I wish I could’ve responded to it. I write a character who says the things I would’ve said if saying those things for real wouldn’t have hurt anyone’s feelings (or gotten me hurt). It’s kind of a way of expressing what I really feel, only through writing.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck in pushing past your writer’s block. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much…. I’ve taken one huge vacation from writing these past few months so it’s probably better if I can just let the first suggestion go… But the other two sound pretty awesome.. I’ll try and work on that for sure
      Thanks again for dropping by..xD have a great day

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  2. You might consider using Google or Bing or Pinterest and finding some interesting quotes, then springboarding off of them. You might also consider keeping a pad close by to write down ideas as they pop in your heard. I also listen carefully when watching a movie or a series of a popular TV show. Great writing prompts here too. TED talks may also help. Just some mentions!


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