70% human and a 30% unicorn. (Yes, the type that farts rainbows.)
I write. I breathe. I collect pixie dust. And oh, I write.
I sound very interesting, don’t I? I know *flicks her hair back and pretends she’s Beyonce*


54 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey, you sound like a proper teenager of our generation. And the kinds I sort of like- unicorn? yes! And your writing shouts REBEL! Great! and By the way, awesome photography!!!! ❀

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  2. I’m glad I am vigilant. It took me a while to find your About, but well worth the research. I too like your snarky way of putting things. Maybe, I should say matter-of-fact. Humorous at times too. I chuckled more than once. Although I bounced all over your blog, and read several of your adorable posts, I’m settling my Like and Comment here.


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  3. I finally got to your about me. Part unicorn? Wow.. Hifi sister! I am part Elf and I feel I am going to live forever. lol Wonderful blog and your writing is fresh.. Keep it up πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Your-Average-Peahead. You’re a great and talented writer! I find myself smiling and laughing at times, as i read through your presses. Contrary to your name, I guess your not the average peahead! haha regards. πŸ™‚


  5. hi!!! for some reason i cannot comment on any of your other posts ( 😦 ) so i just wanted to say i absolutely loved reading your nomination questions and that i am still laughing about the story on how you started blogging! πŸ™‚ ❀ xo

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  6. I am quite in awe of your sense of humour! Bound to enjoy every single moment in your blog. You spread a lot of joy! Such people deserve so much happiness to come along their lives. I pray success comes to you in every way! Happiness too! God Bless! – Cezane

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