Heyloooo! It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote. I am soowwwiiiieee (AH GOD! Please remind me never to say that in public. It’s cute tho)

So, I’m writing my final college exam in another week and a half and sat thinking about how fast everything went by (the two years went by hella fast for me) and as one thing led to another, I thought back to my high school days and sat wondering how at the same time two years ago I sat thinking about high school and how fast that ended too. So, I figured why not write about these two experiences I was blessed enough to have.  Even though college is as fresh as Rihanna’s new album, I thought I’d start with high school. No harm in reminiscing a little. Leggo.

Let’s get started.

  1. Friends.

If this was not already obvious, then you must have had a rough high school. Im sorry. Deep prayers for you. But, if you’re one of those people that had a lot of friends to keep company and to play around with then I’m guessing high school must have been a breeze. Because let’s be real here, if you didn’t have friends, you wouldn’t have survived high school. You didn’t have an identity. You didn’t have ish, bro. You were a no one. Sowie it’s the truth. (I can’t stop with the sowie.)

2. Random toilet breaks.

Even though your bladder was empty and had a desert situation going on there, you’d just have to go to the toilet when your friend side eyed you and got up to leave to the toilet. Because there will never be a better place to discuss about how boring the class was or how good your crush looks or how bad ‘her’ hair was two weeks before. It’s like the toilet was loyal to everyone in there and kept all of our dirty little dark secrets with it. It was a place of sanity. (Ours was also a place of no sanitary sometimes but it was our place. OUR PLACE)

3. Lunch breaks.

Even if you had the worst lunch packed for the day, you’d still wait for the lunch break. And why? Because you were just like every other normal teenager. These were the times that you were PERMITTED to be stupid and laugh like a seal and make whale noises and jump desks and spit water while laughing and untie someone else’s hair and get into fights and wash your hands in someone else’s place and make tiny dirty water puddles in class and eat everyone else’s food besides yours (only if yours sucked) and do all of these all at the same time. Because high school, people. (Side note: I didn’t forget the routine walk to the washroom with your girls/guys. We know we all did that. Pfft)

4. Peer evaluation.

I think there is nothing more stupider than this. Nevertheless, I loved whenever this happened. Except for those times when my paper got into the wrong hands. Now honestly, there were girls in my class that hated the best of us (JK……….Not I’m not). So, if my paper got to that one person that hated my guts, I was done for. I’d get a zero no matter how good my answers were on the French Revolution and WHY? you ask;  because of the one time that I made fun of her skirt being too high it was almost a choker. But, if my friends evaluated it, I’d be getting a 97 even if I wrote a female walrus was called a seal. (I was a real brainy kid in school. Evidently.) So yeah, again it was all about friends.

5. Physical training period.

Now if you’re not physically active and hate running half a court just to collect a ball that was going to be thrown at you anyway, then this must have been the worst period next after social studies maybe. But for those of us who loved getting all sweaty (and depended on these periods to contribute to the weight loss regimen that you were undergoing) then these were the best. Not only could you play and be bomb at the game but you could also put down others who couldn’t play as well as you did and randomly throw something and apologize for being clumsy because HEY it’s sports, you can never judge where the ball rolls (such brats that we were). Also it was partly about showing off to the boys how well you could handle the balls. (If you didn’t narrow your eyes and sly smile at this, you must’ve been a good kid in high school then.)


So these were some of the things that I miss about highschool. There are so many more things but they continued well into college as well so once I’m done with college, you better look out for the things that I missed about college.


Until our time meets again,




(Be spontaneous and go call one of your high school friends. Who knows? If you don’t already have a potential maid of honor/best man, you just might now ……………………………………….)


Even The Mighty Fall On V-Day.

This god awful holiday is the single most annoying thing to have in a year. February 14th might be the best day for a few, the worst day for a few and for a few (I include myself in this category rightfully because I’ve been single my entire life. Yes. Pathetic. I know. ) a dim, overly exaggerated day of suckiness.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for love (not really) and spending time with loved ones and all that shiz but why make a complete day out of it? Is it only on this day that you make your better half or someone else that you love feel good and important? The days of the rest of the year are off days for you and you don’t have to celebrate your loved ones? Why this day in specific? Why? ( Lol. If questions could be funny this would be funny. Oh wait they already are. No, they’re not. :/)

What’s a post without my own take on this day, huh? Let’s get started.

  • This day shouldn’t exist. Period.

Speaking for all of my fellow ‘singlites’/’singlians’/you can fit your own suffix, like being single doesn’t suck enough; we need to sit through a whole day where all you see everywhere is LOVE. There are some of us who believe love does happen to every one of us and we’re destined to have someone else listen to the crap going on in our heads, it’s the hardest on them.  On the other hand for those who don’t believe in the whole concept of love and other heinous feelings that could cause potential damage to the wellbeing of the mind and heart ( and by this I mean love), it’s just painful to watch how others are gifted with the power of being in a relationship and understanding the intricacy of feelings. (Blech)


  • Sending flowers/chocolate to oneself shouldn’t be considered retarded.

See, when you’ve just received flowers from XXX and you’re XXX, it’s evident you sent yourself something special because you’re a pitiful person that’d never get into a relationship because all you do is Netflix and chill with yourself and pizza and the occasional nutella jar. So the last thing any of us spending V day alone needs is people judging us by our pajamas, messy hair and bare feet holding our wonderful self-bought gift. Especially the delivery guy looking at us like we’re retarded. We know we’re crazy but hey, can you take it easy on us? It’s just like delivering any normal package except I just wrote a love note to myself. (I like to nurture and care for the romantic I am at heart :’) Just saying)


  • Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and other photo sharing sites should completely be shut down on the 14th of February.

Why, you ask? Because the only thing more annoying than seeing people all lovey dovey is, seeing people all lovey dovey. So we know you’re in a relationship with this guy/girl and you love him/ her which is why you bought him/her a friggin’ phone and a puppy and a face you can think about at night but do you really think we asked for the 24 pictures in the album titled ‘Day out. V day. #loveofmylife #heartbeat #puppy’.  Be vocal. No one really cares. But being that vocal and straight up in everyone’s faces, not cool, bruh. #noswag.


  • Restaurants-don’t hike your prices for the single people as well. #Rudemuch?

This is not a myth. It’s true. Ever heard about specials? Yeah there are those wonderful things on V day as well but the only difference between the specials on regular days and the specials on V day is that on regular days you don’t have to sell a kidney to afford the specials that they have on Valentine’s day. You get me? If I’m single and I want to spoil myself and take myself out to a fancy restaurant and buy myself a good dinner I should be able to do it without having to buy just a soda and a dish with three leaves on it because I couldn’t afford to pay for the specials. Cut the ish, please.


  • Couples throwing subtle digs at the ones who’re single this year.

Hallo? If I wanted you to tell me how much of a blessing your partner is and how amazing the feeling of love is, I’d be on your Facebook account for three days. (Honestly, it’s more educative than actually hearing it from the people.) So don’t come up to me and try to mix and match me with all the friends you’ve ever had in your life time. Although I admit it might work sometimes, V day is not the day to start a relationship. Because for all you know the other person might be tired of being single and he/she might jump at the first opportunity of having action on this day. SO, NO. (Unless you want to get hurt and then find yourself back to square one except this time you’re no longer stupid.)


So there. These were some of things that I had in mind about valentines day and in all honesty even though it might appear like im trashing people who are in relationships, I am not. Love is power. And even though I don’t believe id ever find love, secretly, im on the lookout. I am. I am. (Talk about hypocrisy. Sheesh.)


Anyhoo, until our time meets again,




I hope you have a great day. Don’t forget to get back to the one you love, tell the one you love how much they mean to you, make them feel celebrated and live life. :’)


(I’m not French. I just learnt French for about two years.)

I might have already lost you by that title, but if you are still reading on, then kudos, sister. Or brother. Hey hey, I’m just spreading love. Spreading love, people.

It’s going to take a while for me to really get to my point but in all honesty, Imma get there. Maybe not as quick but I’ll be getting there. What’s a post without some randomness.

Now, judging by the title and if you’re really meaning to read this, then you must wonder what I have in mind. To be honest, I don’t think I have it figured out myself. Well, we’ll see.

The reason why I took up this affair is because I strongly feel for it. This is not something I’m trying to trash about but it’s something that I’m trying to express views on. Views that might not particularly please everyone. But, hater’s gonna hate, right? Right.


1) Makeup is gold.

-To whoever thinks that makeup is stupid, you do you and I’ll do me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the fact that I slap on three different types of foundations, line my eyes 34 times and swatch 7 lipstick colors on the back of my hand to get that perfect mauve. What really matters is how comfortable I am. I’ve been trashed about not feeling beautiful in my own skin which according to people is ‘to die for’. And I’m not just bragging about it (totally am- my skin’s like pumice) but this is the real deal. I’ve got aunties coming up to me and asking what I do to keep my skin spot free. (This is true tho. I promise.) Now my skin has a fair share of spots on it and unwanted discolouring but I think I’m good for the next, say, three years. (I swear I’m going to wake up with a pimple tomorrow. I might have just jinxed it.)

So I do need makeup and YOU DO need to shut up about my craze to wear wakeup. I wanna look like Amy Winehouse, I’ll look like Amy Winehouse (No hate. No disrespect but that liner game, mmh). I wanna look like Heidi Klum on Halloween 2k15, guess who’s going to look like her? Me. So cut us girls wearing makeup some slack.

2) Stop rubbing it in our faces that we got makeup on.

– With all due respect, shut up. Don’t tell me I can’t eat a banana because I have a red lip on. (To all my fellow filths who pictured the graphics, hola) If I want to eat something, don’t ask me if ‘I’m not scared to ruin my makeup’.
Hallo? Food first.

Oooooor, if I wanna do something don’t try to stop me thinking that I can’t handle it JUST because I wear makeup. It doesn’t work that way, boi.

3) Highlight.

-To everyone who has been trashing makeup gurus on their highlighting craze, let’s be real here for a minute, highlight is life okay? It’s life. A dead sooted look that is supposedly called matte doesn’t work for everyone. If they want to be all about that shimmer, shimmer away butterfly. Want to blind everyone with that highlight? DO YOU!

4) Brow game.

-My brow game so strong, its hitting its 484858th touchdown. That’s how on fleek my brow game is. That’s how lit it is. That’s how legit my brow hair is. Mm hmm. (I have a lot more of those but I’ll stop for now cause I might have just lost a couple more readers. But hey, again, hater’s gonna hate. Missing out on gold here, people. Solid.

5) Red lip.

-Now who said it wasn’t right to walk out with a red lip because of the attention it would get? NO ONE! So do YOU! You wanna wear the brightest red that humans have ever seen, wear it, girl/guy/I’m not trying to be disrespectful. If you want to gloss it up, gloss it up you may. If you wanna matte that shiz, do your thing. Just get that whole red lip classic thing that ‘he’ likes on point (And if you didn’t sing that line in your head, what are you doing with your life? Where have you been?)

So there! Those were the things that I thought and I still think are ridiculous instancea in life that I might have come across or heard about people talking about it and I had an opinion on it that I wanted to share. If it was in any way disrespectful, I’m sorry. It was purely unintentional (Except for a certain thing but we don’t have to figure that out now)

Until our time meets,


(I’m not French. I just learnt French for two years)



Jumping straight into what this whole blog business isn’t about is, it’s not about life, friends, art, literature, travel or miracles. It’s about food. That’s what this is about. Or i might even be just kidding. Which I totally am.

Quite frankly, the theme’s all set, I’ve got a supposed username or something of that sort and I’ve got an account but what I don’t have at the moment is, and I am going to be brutally honest, an idea. No idea. Nil.

But what its really about is ….. Journey. And if that doesn’t explain much then you might as well keep reading on and figure out yourself :’)
(Let’s just ignore the FACT that I have no idea what I’m doing or what I’m writing on and no clue what that ‘journey’ thing means either. Sounded deep at least)
I hope ‘any’ of you like anything I post on here.
WARNING- We might get a little deep.